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Produce the best product line is no guarantee that the best formula (Figure)
Earlier this month, the world’s farmers union in 2009, the Forum Hohhot, China Dairy products Song Kun Gang Industry Association announced a high profile: China will be released later this year the quality and safety standards for dairy products. “The Dairy Quality and safety standards for work, to be the formation of 96 dairy quality and safety standards, including standards for 15 products, four production norms, 63 physical and chemical detection methods, 14 microbiological test methods, these standards will be released later this year. ” Dairy quality and safety standards

the second half put the message will be tantamount to a revival of the Chinese dairy industry is slowly injected a boost.

According to the China Dairy Industry Association estimates that the end of this year, China’s dairy market can be restored to 90%. U.S. market research company Nielsen has released the report, although Melamine Chinese dairy sales plummeted after the incident, but the existence of demand for dairy decision to revive this year China’s dairy market will flourish. President of the Union Springs

global dairy farmers, said in Hohhot, with the Financial Post-crisis recovery in energy prices, dairy prices will rebound, milk will become more profitable. China’s dairy industry recovery, means that the Chinese dairy market, the Nuggets have re-opened the door.

Dairy industry a full recovery to lead the Big Three
According to Reuters news Mengniu Dairy Co., Assistant to the President Liu satellite industry conference in a gap, said sales rose to dairy products has about 70% before the crisis. Expected to be profitable this year, net profit from 700 million to 800 million yuan.

Once, when baked, 2008 Annual Report, the three dairy giants crashed out of the news shocked the industry at the same time: one Mengniu losses up to 948.6 million yuan, Bright Dairy (600,597, stock it) loss of 286 million yuan, while Yili annual report losses as high as 1.687 billion yuan. In the melamine incident, the former founder of Mengniu Dairy growth myth has become common knowledge: experience after the melamine incident OMP False alarm. But after a year of hard work, Mengniu has also ushered in the performance finally widths.

The AC Nielsen data also showed that: According to the brand and the high safety index of the first quarter of 2009, an increase of Erie major product lines were higher than the industry average. Among them, Erie ordinary whole milk sales growing faster than the industry 6.1%; Erie Golden Code milk, nutrition of milk and other high-end Shu milk sales growing faster than the industry 10.4%; Yili high calcium milk, low-fat milk, whole milk and other functions up situation the most vigorous, and sales growth of 25.8% faster than the industry. Erie infant milk powder more prominent achievements in the first quarter sales are double the same period last year, an increase of up to 113%, not only far ahead in the domestic brands, will also be thrown in the back of foreign brands.

The growth leader in the industry are directly contributing to positive recovery. With successive government policies to support the industry, so that the first quarter of this year into the problems and frustrations of milk cow slaughter issue, to ease gradually.

From the National Bureau of Statistics show that in 2009 1 to 3 months, the national industrial output value of enterprises above designated size dairy 35.42 billion yuan, up by 5.53%. Dairy production 4.369 million tons, up 3.28%; which , liquid dairy products 3.7 million tons, up 3.08%; milk yield of 211,000 tons, an increase of 21%.

Dairy safety standards: From the start chain
Melamine incident, let the Chinese dairy aware of scattered chaos of the industrial chain will be a fatal threat to China’s dairy industry. Dairy enterprises of self-improvement chain in the industry into improving safety at the strength and vitality.

And this effort will bring resources to the dairy industry’s challenge: According to statistics, to backyard farmers mainly upstream, over the years invested at the breeding cows totaling more than 1,000 billion; As of the end of February 2009, the Chinese dairy enterprises above designated size was only 91 billion yuan of total assets, net of liabilities, net assets of only 39 billion yuan to build industrial-scale enterprises upstream milk alone if the investment in and construction is not enough .

Dairy industry chain involves many aspects, from the grass, cattle, down to the production and logistics, promoting employment, stimulating spending, to address the financial crisis, all have practical significance.

6 1st to 2 in the 2009 Global Forum on dairy farmers union Hohhot, China Dairy Industry Association’s high-Song Kun Gang said: China’s dairy products will be released later this year the quality and safety standards. “The quality and safety standards for dairy work, intended to form a 96 dairy quality and safety standards, including standards for 15 products, four production norms, 63 physical and chemical detection methods, 14 microbiological test methods, these standards will be in the second half release. “

Some analysts argue that Song’s message, the essential part of the new standard is “15 Product Standard, four manufacturing practice.” 96 dairy quality and safety standards in the former 19, as the top priority.

Song Kun Gang said: “The Ministry of Health will organize a clean-up standards on dairy products, and began to develop national standards for quality and safety work.”

This is not just clean, more perfect and implementation.
Fresh milk production and quality assurance security, acceptance and preprocessing of raw milk, dairy products, quality standards and quality control, dairy HACCp Establishment and implementation of sales process dairy products storage and transportation safety and quality of health assurance, storage and transportation and sale of dairy products quality control process, product traceability and recall system, milk composition and nature of the production process of various dairy products and so on, every step of the areas related to dairy products, may be very dangerous.

China Dairy Industry Association Song Kun Gang has said that all infant formula milk products are the most stringent quality requirements, high-tech varieties. Melamine Incident and the subsequent case of “suspected melamine incident” took place in the field of children’s formula. Some experts pointed out that China’s dairy formula, infant milk formula in particular, the standard indicators with international standards, although basically the same set, but the number of categories, species and provides technical indicators such as a big gap between international standards. China-made baby formula and the current “foreign milk powder,” the gap between the more reflected in the brand on the domestic milk powder needs to be more stable and higher quality standards of the marketing techniques to win over more consumers recognize. BOLA TANGKAS