The Best Manchester Hotspots To Go And Seen When You Are Away From Your Office

Boasting a rich history of development and culture, Manchester is an exuberant place to visit, particularly for a strong music scene and a strong and friendly LGBT community. Whilst larger cities such as London and Brighton might appear to have a stronger appeal than Manchester, there is a wealth of things to see amongst a bustling economy and beautiful surroundings.

It is these attractions that have made Manchester a great location for company offices, as they give workers something to do on their lunch hour or after work. In fact the following is a list of the key attractions, hand-selected by staff at

1. The Whitworth Art Gallery: This gallery has a collection of over 55,000 items, is free to enter and has some of the most interesting pieces in the UK as well as a number of unique exhibits. A short while ago, I visited this particular gallery to view and study an exhibit called ‘Kinderzimmer’, created by Gregor Schneider, which was a simple, bare room in pitch black darkness, save for a small poorly lit room in the distance that contained a dirty-looking mattress. This was a very weird but interesting experience.

2. Manchester Museum: Owned and operated by Manchester University, it does not cost anything to enter and has recently been awarded as one of the best university museums in England. Containing approximately six million items such as stuffed animals, genuine models, dinosaur skeletons/bones, as well as memorabilia from a wide range of historical periods. Highly recommended to any person looking for something entertaining and interesting.

3. Gig venues, such as the Manchester Academy: If you like music and keep up to date with new band, then Manchester Academy is the place for you! Music has been at the heart of Manchester the cultural epicentre and the presence of the Manchester Academy reinforces this strongly. With upcoming bands scheduled to play, such as Alexisonfire, Eels and Ash, this is the ideal arena for attending gigs and the atmosphere is always electric.

4. Trafford Centre: The Trafford Centre frequently attracts shoppers from around the country (and sometimes the world!) to the variety of shops inside. The nearby shopping centres are ideal for workers in serviced offices Manchester, according to employees. With an impressively large cinema screen, an excellent food court and premium shops (and independent outlets), this centre is a haven for any shopper looking for the perfect experience.

5. Lush landscapes: Despite Manchester having a stereotype of an industrial city, it is really full of lush greenery and some of the most widely-celebrated parks in the UK. Heaton Park is a perfect example of a fantastic attraction, with attractions such as playgrounds and a popular animal centre, this is a great place to unwind and take in some fresh air. It would be a great idea to visit other parks that have been widely celebrated, such as Wythenshawe and Queens Park.

It can be even more fun to simply explore Manchester without research and discovering things that you will really enjoy, these five things to see will add up to a fantastic day out. BOLA TANGKAS