The Best (oscar) and the Worst (razzie) Nominees ? 2008

Here they are! The nominees for the “best” and the worst – can’t argue with this one – in cinema for the year 2008. I don’t really have a great interest for the Oscar. Most of the time, winners are unexpected people or movies you’ve never watched and/or don’t intend to. While the Golden Raspberry Award, better known as Razzie, is way more fan. Maybe because they make fan of celebrity by dishonoring/honoring them for their – what I suppose was – their hard work.

When it comes to the Oscar, Slumdog Millionaire has got ten nominations – nice going, it so deserves it – including Best Picture, Best director (Danny Boyle), and two nominations for Best Original Song (Jai Ho and O Saya, A.R. Rahman and Gulzar). My favorite movie of the year, so far, The Dark Knight did manage to get some nominations except for Best Picture. It’s got eight nominations and amongst them, Best Supporting Actor for Golden Globe Winner Heath Ledger. Talk about going too soon.

The thing about the Razzie is that it’s kind of bring to your attention movies which are not worth watching or that you should be ashamed maybe even be embarrassed for ever giving it a second of your time. And yeah, it also makes fun of star. – Hope I never get one! – Last year Eddie Murphy was nominated for five Razzies for Norbit and won three. He is back this year, again, with two nominations for Worst Actor and Worst Screen Couple for Meet Dave. I hope that The Incredible Shrinking Man will do better other wise he should think start thinking of retirement. His movie colleagues in Shrek, Mike Meyers and Cameron Diaz, were also nominated for Worst Actor for The Love Guru and Worst Actress for What Happens In Vegas. If Antonio Banderas had been nominated, I would have said that Shrek The Third jinxed them. Now an unsurprising, anticipated nominee: Paris Hilton. Nominated for Worst Actress and Screen Couple for The Hottie And The Nottie and Worst Supporting Actress for Repo: The Genetic Opera – great movie, seriously.

The 81st Academy Award will be held on February 22nd and will be hosted by the sexiest man alive for the year 2008 – according to People Magazine – Hugh Jackman – No nomination for him – and as usual The Golden Raspberry will be held a day before. Enjoy!