The Best Over the Counter Age Spot Removers Are Chemical Free

Have you ever tried an over the counter age spot remover that was truly effective in removing the melanin hyperpigmentation from which you suffer? If your experience has been like that of most people, then your experience with these formulas has probably been unsatisfactory to say the least. There are a couple of reasons why I wouldn’t advise using most of these formulas that are available.

Before I go into what is wrong with the age spot formulas on the market today, let me first get something off of my chest that has bothered me for years. The melanin hyperpigmentation that causes these spots to form have nothing to do with the fact that you are reaching an advanced age. They are caused by the damage that your skin cells have incurred through exposure to the UV radiation that the sun produces.

They used to be referred to as “liver spots, due to their color. Because the damage to your skin occurs over such a long period of time these spots do not typically appear until a person is well over the age of forty. The cosmetics industry that produces the over the counter age spot remover has taken advantage of this fact by using it to further increase people’s anxiety over getting older.

To prey on someone’s psychological weaknesses in order to increase the sales of their products is a deplorable act in my opinion. What makes matters worse is that the products that they are selling you in order to remedy the problem are ineffective. The use of these products could leave you with a complexion that looks worse than before you began treatment, and the ingredients used could affect your health.

The primary ingredient in an over the counter age spot remover is bleach, which will not give you the pinpoint accuracy necessary to eliminate your “sun spots”. What is likely to happen is that the skin surrounding the discolored area will be lightened as well. This will throw your overall complexion completely out of balance, and leave your skin looking mottled.

You don’t want to be putting bleach, or any of the other chemical agents typically found in these skin care products on your skin. They will be absorbed into your bloodstream at some point, and many of the chemicals typically used have been proven to cause cancer, and other maladies. The best thing for you to do is go with a formula that contains only all natural ingredients.

The best natural over the counter age spot remover is one that contains the powerful melanin inhibitor Extrapone Nutgrass Root Extract. This ingredient will reduce your skin discoloration, even out your skin tone, and leave you with rich, creamy complexion. This natural compound will also prevent the reoccurrence of these spots.

The natural ingredients in this over the counter age spot remover will also provide your skin with all of the essential nutrients that it needs in order to remain healthy, and beautiful looking. In order to treat the discoloration of your skin, this is the type of product that you need.