The Best Part Of Being An Internet Marketing Coach

There is no doubt: The best part of being an Internet marketing coach is watching someone “get it.” It’s the time when your experience, ability to communicate, and willingness to lead come together.

Famed Dallas Cowboys Coach Tom Landry said something that can well apply to Internet coaches: “Leadership is getting people to do what they don’t want to do in order to achieve what they want to achieve.”

As a marketing coach, you will be approached mostly by clients wanting success. You want that for them, too. But your coaching experience has taught you that a lot of hard work will have to come first.

A good marketing coach can take the initial enthusiasm of a client, temper it with reality based on Internet coaching experience, and leave them excited about the journey they are on.

Don’t get me wrong, when a person hires an Internet coach, they are hoping for some shortcuts to success. And your ability as a coach will help them find a few useful shortcuts. But the one thing no marketing coach can help a student or client avoid is the hard work required to succeed.

Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton said he learned good judgment from experience and got experience through bad judgment. As an Internet coach, you’re helping clients gain the benefit of experience without the downside of bad judgment, at least some of the time.

But at the end of the day, your clients must do the work and do it well. Watching that happen is a huge reward for the Internet coach.

So how do you get that “best part”? How do you help a client “get it”?

A large part of being successful is choosing good clients. As a coach, you can’t succeed for your clients. They have to succeed for themselves. When choosing clients, you need to see the fire for success in their eyes.

You also need to stay away from Internet dabblers. You won’t experience the best part of being an Internet coach with clients who are just sticking a toe in the online business waters. Success online requires commitment, often working a couple of jobs at once. As an Internet coach, your first task with your clients is to make sure they understand the demands.

The best marketing coach in the world can’t help a client succeed if the client won’t follow the coach’s advice. Make sure your clients not only understand what you’re telling them as their coach, but that they are putting those things into practice as well.

Most Internet coaching is done online, not face to face. So you can’t see your client’s head nodding in agreement with you. What you can see are the results in their business. It’s vital, therefore, that you hold your clients accountable. An Internet coach is like an athletic coach in this regard.

The truth is some parts of being an Internet marketing coach can be frustrating, particularly when you’ve communicated your experience well and your advice isn’t followed. But the best part of being an Internet marketing coach happens regularly. Your client succeeds, and that is your success as well.