The Best Picnic Tables on – and for – Earth

For many years, there has been a vigorous campaign to get people to recycle used paper, plastic, glass, and metal. It’s important to the Earth, with its ever-increasing population, that we not waste resources. We all know that products that are not biodegradable will be sitting in landfills for generations to come, perhaps even forever; but we don’t always realize the consequences of this. People who really stop to consider the gravity of the situation should shudder to think that their garbage will continue to contaminate the land long after they’re dead. It’s time that we all recognize how much we benefit from recycling every day, as our garbage is reincarnated as everything from cereal boxes, to window panes, to picnic tables. Luckily, most people are quite aware of the importance of recycling, and do it gladly, and habitually. Most townships have recycling as part of their regular garbage pickup services, and even provide us with special containers. All we have to do, instead of throwing all of our waste into one trash can, is to put our used cans, bottles, glasses, newspapers, etc., into that receptacle. That’s all there is to it. Our part is done. No one is asking us to melt down the plastic, mill the paper, or grind the glass, and refashion it into other products. Someone else takes it from there. The majority of us enjoy recycling. Besides the fascination of seeing what some of our common household items can become, it’s a great feeling to help a humble milk container to realize its full potential, and achieve greatness as, say, a picnic table, that is loved by all. You can experience this exhilarating feeling of satisfaction at, because, among their incomparable selection, they feature many residential and commercial-grade Polywood picnic tables. These tables are constructed from Poly Lumber, a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic, which is derived from post-consumer waste, a.k.a., our recycled milk jugs, plastic packaging, and other plastic items. After we put it into our recycle containers, and someone else takes it from there, what they do is to put it through a decontamination process, which brings it to a high level of purity. Then, they formulate it with Ultra-Violet (UV) stabilizers and color pigments, and use it to create picnic tables, outdoor furniture, and other products, that are maintenance-free, fade-proof, and virtually indestructible. The most important thing about these tables is that they keep all of that plastic out of the landfills! Polywood picnic tables from are crafted to resemble natural wood, complete with an authentic-looking grain, and are available in several bright colors. Furthermore, they are impervious to moisture, and will never rot, warp, crack, chip, break, splinter, or peel, even if you leave them outside all year round. Besides Polywood, has traditional tables and dining sets made of wood, as well other everlasting materials, such as aluminum, thermo-plastic, and vinyl, which are equally averse to hanging out in landfills. To see the entire collection of residential and commercial-quality picnic tables, in a variety of sizes, styles, shapes, and colors, go to To contact a design consultant or customer service representative, call 1-888-293-2339, or e-mail [email protected] BOLA TANGKAS