The Best Registry Cleaner – How to Find the Best One to Get the Job Done

When your computer is running slowly or crashing it can be one of the most frustrating thing in the world. That’s when a good reliable registry cleaner comes in handy to get the job done and get your computer running properly again. But which one to choose? Let’s have a look at some of the key features to consider before purchasing a registry cleaning program.

Here are some key points to look for and compare:

Ease of Use

Obviously, the usability and simplicity is one of the first considerations you should have. A complex and hard to use program is of no good to anyone unless you’re a highly-trained IT professional. Look for a simple straightforward registry utility with an easy to follow interface. The best registry cleaners should allow you to install and complete the scanning and repair process in no more than half an hour.


Choose a registry cleaner that has the features you need. Many registry utilities come with a host of additional options and features, everything from startup program managers, to add/remove program functions. For the most part though, a solid registry cleaning/repair utility with a registry defragmenting/compression feature should do. You may also want to look for a registry repair program that allows you to schedule regular scans, to keep your system running like new.

Automatic Registry Backup

Always look for an automatic registry backup feature. A good registry utility will backup your registry and set a restore point before making any adjustments to your registry. This added safety net allows you to revert back to a previous restore point just in case. There’s no sense in buying registry repair software that requires you to manually backup your registry (what’s the point?).

Customer Support

It goes without saying that good customer support is key. Look for companies that offer a 24/7 online help desk that can address any questions and concerns you might have. Before buying, try testing the customer support to ensure they provide quick and courteous responses to all your questions. The best registry cleaning software companies will answer your questions in an efficient and timely manner.

Cost of the Software

It’s important to consider price when you’re shopping around, but the other points should come before it. Don’t automatically choose the cheapest registry cleaning program you can find, as it might offer sub-par results and might be missing some important features. Do your research and compare the different programs available. Fortunately, you can also test the free online scan offered by the various registry utilities, to give you a better idea. You can also check out the reviews of the most widely used programs to see which features and results to expect from each one.

Consider these key aspects when making your decision and you’re well on your way to getting your PC running smoothly again.