The Best Rv Storage In Southern California

McBride’s RV Storage is one of the best solutions for those RV owners in Los Angeles and Orange County who are facing the large problem of where to store their RV. Anyone who has been to Southern California knows that there isn’t a lot of extra room in driveways or yards to park a large RV. Parking on the street means you run the risk of a citation or ticket. But those who want to travel shouldn’t be penalized for doing so in an RV. The solution to this problem is easy to see and is found in McBride’s RV Storage–a storage facility for vehicles of all sizes and types.

With over 17 acres of storage and parking space, McBride’s RV Storage is built with the customer in mind. Instead of cramming as many RVs into the facility as possible, and risking accidents, burglary, and vandalism, McBride’s focuses on the customer’s needs. These include a top-of-the-line security system to protect your investment, friendly staff, great amenities, and especially great storage. From the extra wide driveways, to the different types of spots (covered, open, and more), McBride’s is always thinking of you. We even include 30-degree angle parking, large turning radiuses, and even one thousand differently sized spaces to accommodate everything from small jet skis to mammoth luxury RVs.

With McBride’s you can be certain that not only is your vehicle being taken care of, but you and your family are as well. With great amenities, the McBride’s storage facility can help you before and after each trip you take. Aiming to make things more convenient for the customer, McBride’s offers special access hours for those who need to get into the space outside of the normal daily hours. It also includes a large pull-through wash bay with professional equipment and catwalks to help you safely and quickly get the job done. There is a dump station where you can dump and rinse your holding tanks, and you can even get the necessary tank chemicals and toilet paper onsite. When you store at McBride’s you also gain access to the air compressor and to free ice. All of these wonderful amenities make storing at McBride’s a cost-saving experience. Save an average of a hundred dollars for each trip, just with these amenities. McBride’s RV Storage is one of the best places for RV storage in Los Angeles, and ensures a good value when you store your RV here.

The safety and protection of your vehicle and belongings is one of the highest priorities at McBride’s storage. Rather than just use a typical security system, McBride’s takes security to a whole new level. Instead of the typical chain link fence, we employ a fence made up of 13-foot high block walls, which discourage theft and vandalism. Stadium lighting not only protects your property, but our clients who are on the lot after dark as well. A high-quality video surveillance system helps us be certain no one is committing crimes in McBride’s RV Storage.

McBride’s is the best place for RV storage in Orange County, and promises to take care of you and your vehicle like you are family. Visit, and call today for pricing and availability. BOLA TANGKAS