The Best Self Defense For Someone With No Experience

This is one of my favorite questions. Since you have no experience and are looking to learn how to defend yourself, you have many options. You can choose from a number of martial arts but some are harder than others. One thing you have to take into account is your fitness level and age. If you are older yet very fit, most martial arts will accept you well. However, if your young and cant even touch your toes you should watch out. Martial arts is very demanding and you have to remember the details to minimize your chances of getting hurt.

So since you want to know what style of self defense would be best for you, I have come up with a variety of options. The first one is my opinion on one of the easiest martial arts to jump into. After that I have listed some alternate options that might help you if you decide not to go down self-defense lane.

1.) Karate

Karate is one of my favorite styles of self defense. If you would ask me which martial art is the easiest I would have to say this one. Now I am not saying this martial art is weak by any means but it would have to be one of the easiest ones.

2.) Pepper Spray Anyone?

If you feel you don’t have the experience nor the will power to go through with martial arts there are a couple of options for you. You can simply carry pepper spray or a stun gun, that will do the trick. I know so many people that do just that and they tell me they automatically feel ten times safer.

3.) Who Likes Running?

This may sound really stupid but if you can run faster than your assailant, you have the upper hand. Most crooks and burglars are weak and out of shape. If you are mugged or attacked by someone that you know you cant beat, run. If it means you being a little safer who cares whether you ran away or not.

“He who runs and gets away lives to fight another day.”