The Best Surfing Destinations In The World

Surfing is a water sport. A person cannot enjoy surfing if the water is not clean or any other hygienic requirements are not met. Apart from that, the right equipment including a good surfing board is necessary. There are numerous surfing destinations on this planet. However, all of them are not equally entertaining.

In my opinion, the Gold Coast in Australia is one of the best surfing beaches on a global scale. We all know that Australia is known to have some of the most attractive beaches in the world. The sea is absolutely crystal clear as a state of the art canal system is implemented. Along with that, the climate is amazing. It is not too hot but the level of heat is suitable for surfing. Gold Cost is located in Queensland. There are four surfing points on this beach which has a total distance of seventy kilometers. Apart from Australia, Indonesia is a good option for surfing as well. The Mentawai Islands in Indonesia offer high standard surfing services to the customers. The water is clear. Apart from that, it is not necessary to carry you own surfing boards. You can rent them from one of the vendors on the beach. However, the quality of this equipment cannot be termed as totally reliable. The weather may be hot during the afternoons. However, mornings and early evenings are the best times for surfing.

Jeffery’s Bay in South Africa is also crowded by a lot of people who love surfing. However, this is mostly during winters. During summers, a lot of people are not seen surfing due to scorching heat and very high temperatures. The water is simply amazing. In terms of color, it is deep blue and the water is crystal clear. In winters, the temperature is perfect for surfing.

Have you heard about Samoa? If you are looking for amazing surfing destinations, you should not ignore this place. However, as compared to the other places, this beach is not very popular. It is located in the Pacific Ocean near Fiji. It does not have a lot of population but the arrangements are quite good. A lot of people do not go there because they are not aware of the location in the first place. Hence, the popularity level of this place is not that high.

There are a number of destinations which offer high quality surfing facilities and attractive environments. BOLA TANGKAS