The Best Things You Can Do In Ecuador

Ecuador can be a real tourists’ paradise- there are literally hundreds of fantastic Ecuador hotels and a great number of activities appropriate for all various kinds of holidaymakers – from hiking, scuba diving, skiing, climbing, and trekking, and so on, and so on… However, if you have limited time, here is the list of the TOP 5 things you can do when you’re in Ecuador:

1.Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands are considered one of the most well-known attractions in Ecuador. They comprise of thirteen significant volcanic islands (and more than 40 smaller islands) some 500 miles off the west coast of Ecuador. Located precisely on the equator, these beautiful islands are home to some of the rarest and most spectacular animals, plants and fauna in the world. If you really like water activities, then the sailing, snorkeling and scuba diving here are wonderful. Land-lovers, however, can avail themselves of some of the perfect birdwatching available anyplace on the earth nowadays. Specially for the various tourist Galapagos Islands dispose some of the most luxury hotels in Ecuador.

2.Amazon Tour

Amazon tour would be an adventure once in a lifetime. Despite the fact that Ecuador’s share of the Amazon Rain Forest only accounts for some 2% of the forest’s entire size, that 2% is also home to one-third of its overall species diversity! As you can no doubt imagine then, a trip to Ecuador’s part of the Amazon Rain Forest means that you’ll be visiting one of the richest regions on the planet for species diversity.

3.Avenue of Volcanoes

The Avenue of Volcanoes is a valley, south of Ecuador’s capital Quito bordered by twin mountain ranges. Here you can not just see probably the most most isolated indigenous Indian villages in South America, with tribes of people living the same way as they’ve done for centuries, but you’ll also be lucky enough to take-in some of the world’s most spectacular wild flowers.


Quito, the capital of Ecuador, can be a typical modern day city and the cultural center of the country but in reality its not actually like that. In Quito you will have the opportunity to meet traditional Quichua-speaking women shopping in their typical clothes and going about their daily lives as they would anywhere else in the country. There you’ll find also an enormous assortment of churches, monasteries and convents that may leave you breathless.

There are plenty of attractive things to be seen in Quito, that you wont regret when you book a room in any hotel in Qiuto and explore this appealing city.

5.The Devil’s nose train

Surrounded on all sides by a corridor of snow-capped volcanic mountains, The Devils nose is one of the world’s most famous train rides – and also a spectacle sought out by all train aficionados! The track zig-zags down the mountain passing small indigenous villages on the way. Also seen on the way down the mountain are the lakes of the Andean Sierras. BOLA TANGKAS