The Best Tips For Weight Loss in Baby Boomers

Eating right and developing a great lifestyle is vital for baby boomers, not only to get rid of excess weight but to increase our life span. We can no longer eat anything we desire and expect not to gain weight. Nor can we expect exercise to be easy and painless. And it stands to reason that our bodies will not recover from injuries or illnesses as easily as they did when we were younger. Any physical issue, health problem or weight gain we experience has increased as we have grown older. So if you are like me over forty and trying to stay fit and keep a normal weight, you are finding it is not an easy task. Not only are we fighting our aging body but bad habits we have formed over the years. But if we want to live long and have healthier lives, we need to start changing our lifestyles.

If you are like me, you are surrounded by friends and relatives who are either sick or dying, and this is enough to scare me to death. The fate of my mortality is in our hands and we can change our lifestyle. It will need to start with what we consume on a daily basis and how to modify our diets for healthy changes. I have listed 7 tips that can help us prevent illness and lose weight.

The first tip is to drink water. In order to keep all our organs functioning properly, especially our digestive system, we must drink water. Our health is determined by our digestive system. Whatever we consume our digestive system has to convert it to nutrients and send it to all parts of our body while eliminating the wastes. Water can help this process along with stabilizing our metabolism, providing much needed hydration and energy. If you want to lose weight, water is important for flushing impurities. It is vital to our health to drink at least eight glasses of water each day to keep our bodies functioning properly.

The next tip is to eat as much fruit and vegetables a day, at least 9 servings a day. Consuming nine servings of fruits and vegetables each day has been recommended by USDA. Including nuts, beans, and whole grains is equally important. These seed bearing plants have been provided to us by God and He said to eat them as food. Make sure you eat fresh fruit and raw vegetables since they provide essential vitamins and minerals for your body’s nutritional needs. Fruits and vegetables are great antioxidants to help your body fight illness, and they are very low in fat but high in proper carbohydrates and proteins. These foods provide our body with energy, improve our immune system, and increase our metabolism to help us maintain a healthy weight. Fresh, organic and raw fruits and vegetables provide the highest levels of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. It is best to consume organically grown and raw produce to reduce the risk of introducing chemicals to your body. Cooking this produce can destroy much of the nutritional value. If consuming nine servings per day seems like a lot to eat then you could juice your fresh fruit and vegetables.

The next tip is to eat as early as possible but eat less! Eat breakfast everyone more to increase your metabolism and your mental alertness, and avoid being mentally and physically exhausted. Change your eating habits from three large meals per day to five or six smaller meals per day. Eating smaller meals will help your digestive track function easier. Include healthy snacks between meals and include a glass of water with each meal and snack to keep your body hydrated and energized. Eating earlier, more frequently and smaller amounts also help us fight illness and maintain our ideal weight, proving overall health and well being.

Next tip is to drink natural tea. Tea is an herb and one of those seed bearing plants God gave us as food. As with fruit and vegetables, tea offers many medicinal, health, nutritional, and weight loss benefits. Green Tea, Wu-Yi Tea, Oolong Tea, and Pu-er Tea have antioxidants to help your body fight illnesses and lose weight. Tea has no calories and can be consumed rather than water as part of your healthier diet.

The next tip you must do is to avoid unhealthy food. We frequently consume food and drinks that are of no nutritional value, high in calories and aid in weight gain. Artificial sweeteners, refined sugars, food preservatives and excess sodium also contribute to our weight problems. It is difficult to resist homemade desserts, ice creams, sodas and other treats but it is essential to change our consumption of these to improve our health and lose weight. Food and drinks containing these substances are no less addictive than alcohol, drugs or cigarettes. The food industry markets addictive foods to consumers to make money, not provide us with healthy lifestyles. That part is up to us. We need to make the right choices for our personal health and wellness.

The tip of exercise is the most important one! Participating in a routine physical exercise program can help us lose weight, and fight illnesses by building our metabolism, and immune system. Aerobic exercise and strength training is important to build muscle, stamina and maintain our ideal body weight. As part of the baby boomer generation we need to avoid high impact exercise to eliminate damage to our older bones, and commit to 30 to 60 minutes per day of aerobic and strength exercising. Our fore fathers got their exercise from their daily jobs, today we have to put forth extra effort to perform our exercises daily.

Next tip is to get as much fresh air and sun as possible daily. We all tend to live in a face paced environment and sometimes ignore the importance of getting adequate fresh air, plenty of sunlight and proper sleep. Our bodies require these things in order to function properly. God made plants to provide us with fresh oxygen and sun light to promote good health. Getting the proper amount of sleep is equally important. If we consume a healthy diet, exercise daily, and get plenty of fresh air and sunlight, then we will sleep better. This will renew and rejuvenate our bodies and give us an overall sense of well being.