The Best Underwater Adventures For Your Mauritius Holidays

Undersea Walk

Yes, you did read that right. You can actually take a guided walk under the sea and you will find many excursion operators giving you the chance to do this on your Mauritius holiday. You don’t even need to be able to swim so children as young as seven can experience life under the ocean. The walk is made possible by some specialist equipment called an Aqua+ helmet, which is simply a clear plastic helmet that you place over your head offering a panoramic view of the brightly coloured fishes and coral reefs surrounding you. You even have the opportunity to hand-feeding them under the ocean, which definitely shouldn’t be missed on your Mauritius holidays.


This brightly coloured gadget definitely looks like something that James Bond would try out on his luxury holidays in Mauritius. The Subscooter allows you to cruise underwater to a depth of three metres in a device which is part scooter and part submarine. You will ride in tandem with your head covered by a plastic bubble which offers panaromic views of the surrounding reefs. Your 30 minute underwater adventure will be chaperoned by an experienced guide and this is another tour where non-swimmers are more than welcome.

Blue Safari Submarine

So you like the thought of experiencing the big wide ocean on your Mauritius holidays, but still don’t want to get your hair wet? Then this is the perfect excursion for you. Travel down to the bottom of the ocean in a blue safari and sit in air-conditioned comfort for the next hour at depths of over 30 metres taking in the colourful coral reefs and wreck of the Star Hope. This is such a unique experience that only ten countries in the world offer something remotely similar. So definitely take the time to try it out on your Mauritius holidays.


Most luxury hotels in Mauritius will loan out equipment for snorkelling and with such a diverse and varied ocean life, it’s definitely one of the easier ways of spotting brightly coloured fishes. The best side of the island for snorkelling is definitely the South-East at the Marine Park of Blue Bay. Mauritius is littered with many shallow lagoons which are easily accessible for snorkelling, but feature limited marine life.

Scuba Diving

Many of the luxury hotels in Mauritius hold their own scuba diving classes and therefore getting Scuba qualified is relatively easy. The north is the prime location for scuba diving and the lagoons are regularly used by various diving centres and hotels for practice. The more advanced scuba divers can head straight to Mauritius’s more adventurous sites which include ship-wrecks, reefs, pinnacles, Whale Rock and the submerged crater at Ile Ronde.

With so many different underwater excursions there is plenty to keep you entertained on your Mauritius holidays and in the unlikely instance that you get bored exploring the diverse life under the ocean, then the eclectic island offers you plenty to see and do above board too.