The Best Warm Up Exercises For Body Builders

Ideally warm up exercises are those physical activities that allow you to increase circulation, amplify the heart beat rate and ease out the muscles. These exercises do not need training equipments most of the time and are generally easy to do. Warm-up exercises should be performed before starting the main workout for the day for about five to seven minutes. Among the major benefits of including warm-up exercises in the workout session is giving stout and rigid muscles an added flexibility and elasticity, thereby preventing injuries when the main workout is executed. They prepare the muscles for harder tasks, having toned up circulation to strengthen the muscles before hand.

The first warm up exercises that are recommended for beginner body builders or even advanced trainers, is the waist twist. To perform this, stand firmly and upright on the floor and hold your legs apart. Keep the hands on either side of your waist and twist the body to the left, to the farthest you can go. Hold the legs to the floor and don’t move them as you twist the upper torso only. After holding the body twisted for a second, release it back to the normal position and repeat the twist for at least 15 reps. Now start the twist on the opposite side and repeat it for at least 15 times.

The next workout is called the Muslim bend. To perform this, stand firmly on the floor again with legs placed at shoulder distance apart. Put your left hand raised slightly to position near the front of your chest. Start the movement by bending the upper torso, to the right side simultaneously raising the left hand over the head and high up towards the right side. Aim at touching the ground so as you go as far as you can but do not strain. After getting back gradually to the starting potion, repeat the movement with other side and keep alternating for about 12 reps.

The other workout exercise for warm up is the upward cycling. To do this, lie flat on the floor with face held upwards. Ensure the torso is straightened out before lifting both legs one after the other into the air, bending the knee until it is close to the front of your chest. Now start to ride an imaginary bicycle and ensure that you cycle with each leg for at least 30 reps before resting for a while and completing another set.

Free squat are also a good warm-up exercise. To do this, place your legs at shoulder distance apart and then bend the knees gradually as you bend your waist so as you assume a sitting position but with the knees up to the front of the chest. Let the bottom be near the floor and then raise your hands and interlock the fingers behind your head. Now rise up until you are standing straight without locking the knee joint. Go back down gain and build on the ascent and descent speed as you repeat the squat for at least 20 times.