The Best Ways to Reduce Emissions When You Drive

The environment is a hot topic at the moment and when we talk about it CO2 emissions and cars normally follow. There are many things drivers can do to cut down on their CO2 emissions and here are a few;

Tyre Pressure

Ensure your tyres are up to the required levels as this has a big effect on your emissions. Insufficient tyres means your engine has to work harder which results in your car using more fuel leading to higher CO2 emission levels.

It is a good idea to check your tyres regularly ensure they are at the required level before driving and it also helps your tyres last longer which will save you some money. Also, ensure your car is not full of junk you never use. We all accumulate it but having a clear out will reduce the pressure on the engine.

Don’t keep stopping and starting

Every time you stop and start you are using more fuel and this increases your CO2 usage. If you keep an eye on the traffic, you can start to slow down whilst leaving the car in gear. The traffic may well clear by the time you reach them and you can put your car in gear and carry on. Also over revving uses more fuel and increases engine wear so reduce your revs and use your gears wisely.

Inactivity wastes fuel

If you are unlucky enough to be stuck in traffic on your way home or stuck on the motorway, try turning your engine off because this saves a considerable amount of fuel and will help reduce your emissions. Even by switching off your engine for a few minutes, you will save a lot of fuel.

Remember to drive carefully and to avoid harsh accelerating and braking. When buying a new car, decide what type you require then look for the most fuel efficient model in that group. Despite cars being in the same group, the difference in CO2 output can be as much as 25% with fuel consumption around 45% less.

Planning ahead is also useful as you can try and think of a less congested route to your destination which will reduce the need for stopping and starting. As well as helping the environment you are also saving money by carrying out these simple tips.