The Best Weight Loss Products Have Other Health Benefits

Diabetes is becoming rampant in this country.  The CDC has recently announced that by 2050, they anticipate that 1 in 3 Americans – that’s 1/3 of the entire 300+ million of us – will have Type 2 Diabetes. This is a disturbing statistic, but it is also a challenge that opens up room for change.  The good news is that the best weight loss products can help fight this growing phenomenon, and not just by helping you and/or your loved ones shed pounds.

There Are Several Parts To This Problem

Type 2 Diabetes is not the kind a person is born with, that is Type 1 and has to do with natural insulin deficiencies in the body.  Type 2 generally strikes overweight, sedentary adults, although it is increasingly impacting younger and younger people. 

There are several reasons for this.  We are increasingly becoming a sedentary society, with both our work and leisure “activities” involving essential immobility while staring at a screen.  The most activity we get in these cases is typing, working a controller, or transporting junk food into our mouths.  Even doing two of these things at once does not count as being active. This is reason number one.

Reason number two is that what we are eating, active or not, is increasingly bad for us.  This is not just because we have ready access to greasy, fried and fatty foods.  Most of the foods of convenience are loaded with simple carbohydrates, fat, salt, sugar and chemicals. 

None of these are very healthy and even worse, our bodies convert them to sugar with almost no effort, which means much more fat is stored and very few nutrients go anywhere they need to. This combines to leave us with more fat and less energy, which is a vicious cycle by any definition.

Diet Foods Actually Add To The Danger

The most insidious causal factor can actually be those foods we eat to try to stave off problems such as Type 2 Diabetes – and heart disease and, and, and – that come as a result of being overweight.  So many of the foods that are marketed as low-fat, lite, reduced or any of the myriad of other terms designed to catch the dieter’s eye, have indeed had their fat reduced.  Unfortunately, this has been replaced with sugar. 

Fat comes in healthy and unhealthy forms, but when it’s extracted from a food item, this isn’t taken into consideration.  So, not only are at least some potential health benefits removed, but the aspect of the food that makes us full and leads us to stop eating has been replaced by a substance that leaves us unsatisfied and is stored as fat! These factors are far more likely to contribute to diabetes than prevent it.

Healthy Foods Are The Key To Overall Health

What is a person to do other than starve?  Eat.  Eat the best weight loss products, natural, organic, single-ingredient foods proportions that optimize our metabolisms.  Have you ever tried sweet potato fries cooked in coconut oil?  Ok, not the lowest fat food, but both ingredients are healthy and as a treat now and again, they’ve got more flavor than you can imagine. 

A handful nuts or a banana will get you a lot farther in your day than a candy bar will.  The list goes on.  Some of the items on the list have sugar, but only in the amount nature put in in the first place. Nuts have with vitamins and calcium and plenty of other good stuff that our bodies need and process in a way that gives energy and burns fat.  Not to mention staving off diabetes and other horrible things.