The Blackberry Curve 3g Featuring Bluetooth 2.1 With Enhanced Data Rate Connectivity

The Blackberry Curve 3G provides Bluetooth 2.1 with enhanced data rate connectivity offering close proximity and fast file sharing among you and your friends for photos, videos and more. The handset features all of your music through the Media Player, as well as offering plenty of messaging and social networking features.

The phone has a compact display with transmissive TFT and LCD technology which is capable of displaying the user interface and Blackberry operating system with vivid clarity. The handset also has a full QWERTY keyboard and a trackpad for easy control and scrolling capabilities. The phone allows you to easily and promptly input data and text when messaging and emailing friends, or using its Blackberry Messenger service which cleverly puts a D next to new messages form friends, as well as R when it has been read, and offers a unique way for you to communicate with friends who also have a Blackberry mobile.

The Curve 3G offers a 2 megapixel fixed focus camera with video recording and photo capture capabilities, and allows you to share with friends instantly those great moments through its email client for multiple email accounts, the multimedia messaging or on the interrogated social networks such as Facebook or others. The handset also features up to 512 megabytes of flash memory in addition to 512 megabytes of random access memory while it allows you to run multiple applicants at once and switch between then easily. Further storage memory is also offered by the microSD card slot, which can provide up to another 32 gigabytes worth of storage memory for your media such as videos and photos captured respectively.

The handset features some impressive security features also with password protection and a keypad lock for the keyboard offered, as well as this it has a full Media Player for all of your videos and photos, as well as your music and enhanced connectivity to the Internet through its 3G and WiFi capabilities. The tethered modem also lets you share such an internet connection with a disconnected or offline device such as a laptop with no wireless card.

The Blackberry Curve 3G features a compact display with a full QWERTY keyboard and trackpad for fast and efficient data input as well as allowing you an intuitive user interface and experience on the handset. The phone offers Bluetooth for close range file sharing, along with a camera for video recording and photo capture also, providing something to share. BOLA TANGKAS