The Blackberry Torch Features A 5 Megapixel Camera With Up To 2.5 Times Digital Zoom

The Blackberry Torch has a 5 megapixel camera with up to 2.5 times digital zoom as well as flash for poor light conditions and offers you the capability to capture both photos and videos respectively. The handset features a 3.2 display with touch control along with on-screen keyboard, while also offering a slide out QWERTY keyboard for fast text input.

The handset features 512 megabytes of onboard memory along with 8 gigabytes of storage in addition to the expandable storage memory which offers up to 32 gigabytes through the microSD card slot featured. The handset has a 3.2 inch HVGA resolution display with touch parameters including onscreen keyboards as well as the slide out QWERTY keyboard, along with a great trackpad for simple scrolling and control of the user interface also. The handset like all Blackberry handsets also has impressive security features with password protection and keyboard locks as well as encryption capabilities.

The Torch has a 5 megapixel camera with flash and featuring eleven different picture-taking modes alongside up to 2.5 times digital zoom, while also being capable of great video recording allowing you to capture those great moments in photo or video respectively. Photos and videos can be instantly shared with friends through the interrogated and dedicated social networking applications available, such as Facebook or Twitter, while also being sent via multimedia message or email. They can also be watched back on the handset with the HVGA resolution offering an in-depth colour display.

The handset has a sleek design and measures not far beyond the size of a credit card while also offering both its onscreen and slide out text input and user controls for messaging, emailing and more. The full HTML web browser also allows you to enjoy the Web through the display with the trackpad offering laptop-like scrolling also. Meanwhile, connectivity offered includes Bluetooth 2.1 with Enhanced Data Rate as well as mono and stereo headset support and other useful profiles including hands-free operation, phone book access and dial-up networking besides the phones already fast WiFi connectivity.

The Blackberry Torch is a well-designed compact handset featuring an impressive touch display alongside a 5 megapixel camera and other resourceful features, while allowing you to use and download multiple applications to use on the handset. The onscreen and slide out keyboards also offer you the ability to choose between input methods which adds to the accessibility and overall usefulness of the handset. BOLA TANGKAS