The Blackberry Torch Features Bluetooth 2.1 Connectivity

The Blackberry Torch has Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity with enhanced data rate, along with fast WiFi and a range of preinstalled applications offering you everything form easy messaging and email to social networking and location based services. The handset has a 5 megapixel camera with flash also which offers you the ability to record videos and capture great pictures.

The phone features a full HTML web browser with support for Flash web applications and offering simple scrolling ability through its unique trackpad offering laptop-like control of the on-screen user interface offered by the Blackberry 6 operating system respectively. The handset has Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity and offers a wide range of profiles with it, including the A2DP profile for connecting wireless audio headsets to the phone in place of wired stereo headphones through the inclusive 3.5mm jack connection. Fast internet connectivity can also be gained through the WiFi present with Enterprise Server and Internet Bundle both offered by Blackberry also, along with encryption for best security.

The Torch has a 3.2 inch display with HVGA resolution and offers onscreen touch control as well as onscreen alphanumeric and QWERTY keypads in both landscape and portrait orientation in addition to the slide out QWERTY keyboard and trackpad offered.the handset allows you to message others with a Blackberry directly using the Messenger, while it also has an easy to use email client for both multiple accounts as well as protocols including popular service providers such as GMail and Hotmail. The App World also allows you to add more apps to the handset, which may include dedicated social networking apps, such as Facebook or Twitter.

The handset has a 5 megapixel camera with flash and up to 11 different photo-capture modes to choose from when taking your photos. The camera also lets you shoot videos, all of which can be kept on the handset due to its 8 gigabytes worth of internal storage, in addition to up to 32 gigabytes offered by the microSD card slot for expendable storage memory. The handset also offers fast and easy syncing capabilities to a PC, which allows you to keep the phone up to date, as well as offload some multimedia to your computer and free up more phone memory for the camera.

The Blackberry Torch is a compact and well-designed handset featuring both onscreen and slide out keyboards which offer greater accessibility and speed to all users; while the trackpad and simple touch controls do the same for the user interface control. BOLA TANGKAS