The Casual Dress Is In For The Summer

If you are the kind of a woman who loves dresses and have been wearing them even the past few years when they have not been in fashion, then the predictions of the fashion world for the summer of this year will bring a smile to your face as the timeless and elegant fashion dress makes a return to the pinnacle of cool this season.

For the past few years the fashion world has been making a move towards unisex fashions and unisex styles. Everyone from major garment manufacturers and major fashion labels to even the designers seemed to be moving towards this look and all the designers specially seemed to be eschewing any styles for women that were overly feminine. This trend was hailed by many as very modern and forward looking but for lovers of the feminine form and for women who loved dressing in womanly styles that were the furthest things from androgynous this was not a welcome trend.

Luckily the summer of two thousand and eleven may signify the beginning of the end of this trend as the return of the casual dress is the most feminine fashion style possible and one of the furthest things from androgynous that is possible at least as far as the world of womens fashion goes. Their return also signifies a return to more easy going fashion that is more relaxed and easy to put together as the they are one of the easiest things to slip in to and to look great in for women.

Casual dresses make a great building block for any wardrobe because not only are they one of the most flattering pieces of clothing for the female body, they are also one of the most versatile. They can be combined with other pieces of clothing and accessories to make them perfect for any occasion and comfortable for any season. In the cold, they can be worn with layered looks to protect you from the weather and in the summer, they can be worn with simple strappy sandals or any kind of comfortable footwear to make them the easiest thing to look good in. Casual dresses can also be dressed up or dressed down to make them suitable for whatever occasion you have to be at, whether a picnic in the park or a formal sit down dinner with friends or co workers.