The Causes For Sensitive Skin and How to Care For It

Sensitive skin challenges us to analyze what is going on with our bodies. Are the reactions sensitivities or allergies? The difference is that allergies trigger an immune response while sensitivities do not. Food intolerance or sensitivity may cause symptoms from eczema to dandruff. If you are a sensitive individual, pay attention to small changes you make in your daily routine: foods, shampoos, cosmetics, stress level, to make sure you are attributing the sensitivity to the correct food or product.

Sensitive skin tends appear as thin and delicate with a tendency to redness and irritability. B vitamin deficiencies can cause dry, flaky, sensitive skin. Try taking a B complex vitamin and you may see an improvement in the itching and dryness of your skin. As well this nutritional group is great for stress prone individuals.

To find a good skin care regime, look for fragrance free products that are gentle and noncomedogenic. Patch test each new product in an inconspicuous area of the face or throat to check for sensitivity. It is best to test each product alone. Try only one new product in a particular area. If there is no reaction it is safe to use. Keep in mind that some allergies are caused by combinations. A friend of mind could eat cheese on Tuesday and tomatoes on Wednesday but if she ate them both on the same day she would break out in hives. A product used alone may be fine but combined with another may cause a reaction. This is a good reason to use skin products from the same line. They are designed to work together.

Keep notes on what you try and the dates so that you can tell if it is a delayed reaction. There was a point in my life where occasionally the skin on my eyes would become itchy, red and dry. I went to a doctor and without asking any questions he told me I was allergic to makeup and to never wear it again. I went for food allergy testing, tried all sorts of changes to my skin care program and could not figure it out. Then after about two years I realized that it only occurred around holidays. As a young mom, that was the only time I would bother with nail polish. I was sensitive to something in the polish and the small amount of contact with it when I washed my face or applied makeup was enough to trigger a reaction. It was also high stress time in my life. Once I realized the cause and eliminated the nail polish, the skin on my eyes returned to normal. I tried polish again years later and find I am ok with it now. I suspect it was the combination of stress and the ingredients in the product.

Sensitive skin makes finding a skin care regime that works for you a little more difficult. The results of making the effort are worth the time because you will have beautiful skin that finally feels comfortable and looks fantastic!