The Characteristics of Film and TV Makeup

Beauty has always been a dominant factor for all TV and Movie artists, and every possible attempt is made to make them look more beautiful on the screen. You might say that the TV and film artists are bound to look perfect and the most beautiful people on earth. For this reason, the makeup artists make use of chemical products called Makeup products which are used to hide even any minor skin defect and also to make the natural beauty of the artists more prominent.

The makeup used for TV and Movie artists is a bit different from ordinary makeup. The main reason for this difference is that this makeup is intended to make them appear presentable on the television screen. The fact is that the filming process and TV recordings have certain effects on the appearance of the person on the TV screen, and thus may even add undesirable attributes to the skin.

The lighting conditions also play a part in making a perfectly normal skin look pale or over bright. Therefore, this specially designed makeup is used to make the skin appear normal and fresh on the screen. The requirement for makeup is not to make it appear prominently to the audience, but to tone the skin to the proper levels so as to make it appear perfectly normal on the screen.

High definition filming and TV screens have made the requirement of makeup even more important because of the enhanced clarity and picture sharpness. Therefore, the need for professional makeup artists to make the skin look normal while keeping the application of the makeup as subtle as possible has increased to a great degree.

The human skin excretes small amounts of oils to keep the skin moist. This oil is unnoticeable in normal conditions, but in close-ups and due to the heat of studio lights, this oil can become very prominent. Therefore, makeup has to be applied to make the skin look normal and less oily. For this purpose, special face powder is used which makes the skin appear normal on the screen and not causes abnormal whiteness on the skin.

The skin shows different colours under different lighting conditions, therefore, makeup is needed to make the skin appear as intended under any lighting condition. Generally, a foundation is used which is available in some 20 colours to give the skin the intended colour. Foundation helps to make the skin colour match with the actual skin colour under different lighting conditions.

The lipstick used for women for film or television is very different from ordinary lipstick. Ordinary lipstick has a slight bluish hue which becomes very prominent while photographing. The camera lens is different from a normal eye, and thus anything that may not be noticeable by the naked eye might become very prominent and unpleasant in a photographed image.

So is the case with lipstick, and thus a special lipstick is used which does not produce such effect. Many artists also use specific contact lenses to bring out the colour of their eyes which would otherwise be ignored by the camera.