The Chardham Yatra – helps you revitalizing your soul and mind

The Chardham yatra can be regarded as as one particular of the most sacred journeys for which every single Hindu goes to get the blessings of God. According to the Hindu beliefs, ancient philosopher “Adi Shankracharya” coined the word ‘chardham’. It stands for the 4 sacred areas which are Rameshwaram which is locates in south India, Badrinath in North, Dwarka in West and Puri in East. This was done to unify all the Hindus in eighth century. These all sacred locations are situated in four distinct directions.

This journey which is identified Chardham yatra accompanies the following holy areas
1. Yamunotri Dham
The Yamunotri Dham is the name provided to the location where from exactly where the river Yamuna originate. It is regarded as as an adobe of the Goddess Shakti Yamuna. It is also one of the main attractions for the tourists from all more than the globe because of the hot water springs which are also identified as “The Surya Kund”.

2. Gangotri Dham
The Gangotri Dham is in the location where river Ganges meets the earth’s border. This location is totally surrounded by the Himalayas. It is believes that our Goddess Shakti Ganga rests at culmination of the Indo Tibetan border. This spot is also nicely known for attracting the tourists (adventure and nature lovers).

three. Kedarnath Dham
The Kedarnath is geographically a complex site and it is and it is considered as abode of lord Shiva which is close to to Mandakini River. This place is also believed to be shrine of nicely recognized philosopher “Adi Shankracharya”. This spot is also equipped with a lovely temple which is entirely carved of the plain stone. This place also proves to be the magnetic attraction for the tourist from the distinct corners of the planet.

4. Badrinath Dham
The Badrinath Dham is positioned in the Garhwali hill places of the North Indian state Uttarakhand. The Badrinath is regarded as the adobe of Lord Vishnu. The foundations of this temple had been also laid Adi Shankracharya in eighth century. This temple is also magnificently lovely and it is 5 meters higher from the ground. It also has a golden dome. The very best season to go to Badrinath is regarded to be Might to November.
These are the four principal holy places which you can expect to go to if you are going to Chardham yatra. Any person who goes to these places will certainly return with a lot of unforgettable moments.
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