The Charm and Elegance of Small Clawfoot Bathtubs

Small clawfoot bathtubs are perfect for soaking, but although they are shorter than the more conventional style of tubs they are nice and deep. In many ways they are the perfect combination between modern functionality and quaint, old fashioned design. You will find that they are nice and spacious inside even though they take up less space in your bathroom, so they are a practical choice if you have small bathrooms. You will also be keeping up with the current interior design trends as well because Victorian and vintage looks are currently all the rage, so you will see this kind of tub in many homes.

Before the first World War, practically all tubs were made in this design. The only difference was that most homes did not have plumbing at this time, so this was something that was added later. Over time, when plumbing was more common, tubs were simply built in and began to take on a more enclosed design.

Modern bathrooms have lost much of the austere charm that they once possessed, but installing small clawfoot bathtubs is one surefire way to get that feeling back again. One major decision you will have to make however is whether you would like a modern reproduction or a genuine vintage model. In most cases this is a simple decision as the older ones are heavy and prone to rust while newer ones are made of acrylic so they are easy to clean and lightweight.

If you are adventurous enough to install a vintage cast iron tub in your home, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. First of all, you will have to take special care when cleaning it as heavy cleansers may ruin the finish. Also, be sure to clean off any cleanser residue after you have finished. It is also imperative that you do some homework and make sure that the weight of your floor can handle a heavy cast iron tub.

Part of the charm small clawfoot bathtubs offer is due to the fact that they are freestanding, meaning they are not built into your home. On the downside, this means that you will have to come up with a creative way to hide the plumbing. So when you are in the process of installing your new tub, be sure that you find a way to do so that keeps the pipes nice and hidden. If all else fails, you can add a nice decorative skirting to the tub.

One of the best things about small clawfoot bathtubs is how they match nearly every type of interior design scheme. What matters most however is being able to relax after a long day and when it comes to taking a bath, there’s simply no better tub to do it in.