The Cheater’s Diet – Know the Basics of This Diet

Are you fat and basically in dire need of a regimen that will not make you stay away from delicious foods? The frustrating part of having to stick to a regimen is that you cannot eat your favorite foods. Who does not like ice cream, pizza and chocolate cake? I’m sure that you do. Why stick on a regimen that will eliminate your favorite foods when you can have the Cheater’s diet? Now you can grab the snack without having to feel guilty. Food is your friend–and you can taste it. Isn’t it amazing? Here are the basics of the regimen that you will surely come to embrace:

The Cheater’s diet will include three meals a day including a couple of snacks. This will help your metabolism functioning at its optimum. As compared to other regimens out there that encourage you to eat less than normal, it is the exact opposite since eating less will slow down your metabolism rate, which in turn will prompt your body not to burn calories.

Exercise is included in the regimen. Being lazy is not an excuse not to be ale to exercise since it is single handedly one of the most important steps to weight loss. This should not be taken lightly. More often than not, a person who controls what he eats but not exercise will not shed off pounds, but a person who exercises but does not control what he eats will more likely lose weight.

During the weekdays, you will stick to a strict diet that will compose of a Mediterranean delicacy. You have the choice of low fat yogurts, eggs, hot cocoa for snacks, peanuts, whole grains, fruits (apples, oranges, grapefruit, and bananas) or vegetables like lettuce of broccoli. On weekends, you have a choice of bread, chocolate, pizza, meat, ice cream, and wine.