The Chicken Or The Egg – What Comes First In Internet Marketing?

Now you may well be right, in thinking, what has this got to do with Internet Marketing?

Well, I for one wasn’t sure myself when it entered my head, but then it started to come together and here are my thoughts.

You see, everyone tells you that the most important thing in a successful internet marketing business, is your list, and I for one wouldn’t disagree with the majority. Although, there are some other important factors as well, one of them being the product you promote.

But what comes first? This is where the chicken and the egg came to my mind. Without a product or service you have nothing to promote … but without a list or following you have no audience to promote to!

After going down the usual route that everyone seems to travel when they start out in the world of internet marketing, you generally sign up to a biz op or two, and set up your own business brand, status and structure. You then spend days or even weeks setting up your back office, setting up your website and getting stuck into the training.

Whereas, I believe whilst you are putting all this together you should also be thinking about your list, even at this stage, well even more importantly at this stage. Whilst you are going through the set up process you could be getting a readymade following through your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

This following could then be ready and waiting for the launch of your new venture. You see, this could be achieved by using an automated twitter follower piece of software … that works for you whilst you get your business ready for launch. In addition, you can sign up as an affiliate to these products and earn commissions whilst you are setting up … a real win-win situation

So in answer to the first question I believe the chicken and egg came together. I know it’s against the logic but with a successful Internet marketing business it’s so much easier and quicker if you have the right product and a readymade list of targeted followers to promote to.

Once you are an established internet marketer you will have your successful opt in list working for you so you will never have to think about the chicken and egg again.