The Christians and the Medication Issue

I hear it pretty often that some Christians, from the world over, don’t permit the use of medication. This set of Christians dispense with medical advice totally when an ailment strikes. Lord, have mercy!

To them, going after medical diagnosis when an illness shows its ugly face, it would appear, is a failure in one’s test of faith. This is a strange doctrine. One way to pray when an illness berths in the waters of an individual’s health is for laboratory tests to reveal accurately the virus or infection that is responsible for the ailment in question so as to administer the right drug(s) that the virus or infection would be most sensitive to as shown by the test.

Are they implying that all practitioners of all branches of the medical profession should ‘close shop?’ To do so is to seek recline on a chair of barbarism. The entire world has come out better every succeeding moment as a result of the resounding discoveries and progress that the practice of medicine has brought to the world.

Perhaps, the Christians that reject the use of medical inquiries and treatment are acting in ignorance and more on the insufficient understanding of the faith they so wish to cherish. Fanaticism! “Work and pray,” we’re exhorted. Is medical practice together with the alternative approach excluded by the definition of the word ‘work’? Medicine was practiced in ancient times.

It’s not suggested anywhere in the Holy Bible that (before Jesus’ appearance) there was a complete absence of curative attempts on the recipients of the miraculous reliefs performed by Him. Is it intuitive, for example, to believe that “the woman with the issue of blood” was left unattended for the number of years that the illness clamped her down?

There are miracles even to this day. Nobody argues that. But how can a cure, for instance, be said to be miraculous without the inherent implication that it is a cure for which all medications had hitherto failed? Yes, medication may not bring cure always and to every ailment. Remember that the frontier of all knowledge is expanding by the day. AIDS, as of now, is said to be incurable. There might just be a way around it in time to come.

It’s in order to share the view that to shun medication on all occasions amounts to tempting God. It’s God who gives the grace and understanding to those providing health services and our fervent prayer is for them to receive God’s guide generously to enable them to achieve more, for the benefit of mankind.

The ‘health attendants’ are honored by God with success streaks because of their perseverance, insistence, doggedness and their own faith in God in almost all of the cases. Paul says, in Corinthians 9: 24, “…So run your race to win.” (TLB). The health teams aren’t all atheists; they’ve always been men and women who’re Christians and members of other great religions.