The Coastal Paradise Goa

Goa is the state of pristine beaches situated on the Indian Malabar Coast that provides wonderful opportunity to entertain vacation in India in a delightful and memorable way. Tourists attract towards Goa the Queen of Beaches, the Land of Churches and Temples due to its idyllic beaches dotted coconut plantation and pretty whitewashed churches that portray the presence of Portuguese till date. People prefer to visit Goa to get the break from all the urban chaos. Goas people are easy-doing and friendly and they will make you feel like a home.

In todays life, people are working with hectic schedule to complete the responsibilities and deadlines. If you want to get free from all the worries and spend some couple of days out of the busy life, you can plan to a Goa tour to get relax with entertaining moments. It is also a honeymoon romantic destination as Goa is gifted with picturesque waterfalls, sun-kissed beaches, exotic flora and fauna, mesmerizing sightseeing sports and on top world class accommodation facilities which make environment romantic for the couples. Honeymooners here can enjoy the candle light dinner to trigger the fire of love to make the divine relationship stronger and honeymoon tours romantic and memorable.

All the beaches has its own popularity like Anjuna Beach was the haunt of the flower of the generation in the sixties and still popular with the young generation, Calangute Beach is known for the natural beauty which is the most important place for Goa tourism in both in peak and off season, Dona Paula Beach is famous for water scootering, Arambol Beach is the unique beach in North Goa by rocky and sandy beaches.

Lifestyle in Goa is unique which reflects the perfect blending of cultural influences that they have over the centuries. People in Goa love their food and feni and they are passionate about dance, music and art which are in their blood and they like to live their life at a leisurely pace and in style. You can prefer Goa packages to get together a group of friends and enjoy the dance to the rhythm of the ocean, some food and drink and hit the beach.

In additional, tourists can also enjoy and experience the wilderness of Goa wildlife parks and sanctuaries. The wildlife places in Goa are Bhagwan Mahavir wildlife, Bondla wildlife sanctuary, Cotigao wildlife sanctuary and Salim Ali bird sanctuary where bird watchers and naturalist enthusiasts are welcomed to take true advantage of the staggering wildlife in Goa. If you want to view the vast array of animals, it would be better to spend at least a week. More of all the Western Ghats which form most of the Eastern Goa is arguably considered to be the hot bio-diversity in the world.

Well Goa tour is also made delightful and luxurious by the excellent accommodation facilities and well organized services offered by the beach resorts and exotic Goa hotels, some of which are now internationally regarded to be the Best Hotels in the World. So why not visit to Goa on India tour and make the vacation truly a heavenly experience.