The Comfort Zone – Top 3 Reasons to Go Beyond It

1. Stretching beyond your comfort zone keeps you in touch with your limits, there by it keeps you on your toes all the time. When you are on your toes, you fell alive. Most of us live so much within our comfort zones that we are not in touch at all with the limits of how far we can go. As a result we get comfortable, then we get too comfortable and then we get bored. It is a very unhealthy way to live because the potential for growth is being killed.

2. The comfort zone addiction gives rise to a lot of unconscious fear whenever we undertake a new venture. Things seem tougher than they actually are. When we have an unchallenging routine of work-home-work-home and we are blindly going through the motions, it is very easy to believe over a period of time that this is our limit. A new exercise regime feels almost impossible to squeeze in given the same amount of time and energy. Whereas the reality is to adopt the new habit, we need to stretch ourselves and the very ability of stretching has been killed by the whole work-home-work-home life. Thus when we stretch ourselves beyond our comfort zones in our day to day lives, it becomes easier when we need to learn a new skill.

3. It probably is the best antidote to keep your ego in control. When we are 100% comfortable and 100% confident in everything we do, it is very easy to mistakenly assume that now we basically control the entire universe. And we will do(or not do rather) virtually anything to keep this belief of ‘I am the King of the World’ intact. Over time, it leads to a hugely inflated ego and that is always a pretty bad thing. By continuously trying to stretch yourself, by continuously straying just beyond your comfort zone, it becomes apparent that you are not really the superstar you thought you were. This really adds a lot of humility and depth to a man’s character, an essential part of growing up.

To grow in life, it is not necessary to write down outrageous goals and try to achieve them in a month. That approach is usually backed by a selfish need to go back to the comfort zone after a month. And it usually fails.

Rather, in whatever you do, unless it is a task that is killingly monotonous, ask yourself, what can be the next stage? If I am in level 1, what can I do to go to level 2? And then concentrate your efforts on going to level 2. That way you will find fulfillment in whatever you do.