The Connection between Food Intolerance and Vitamin Deficiency

Food intolerance has been constantly researched since it has become more prevalent in today’s fast paced society. There are many symptoms of intolerance to a particular food or group of foods. The symptoms often include fatigue, bloating, muscle pain, skin and digestive problems and irritability, as well as many others. It can cause lots of problems as the body reacts in many different ways with food intolerance. Some research has identified a possible link between these intolerances and a vitamin deficiency within the body.

Vitamins, including natural vitamins and manufactured Vitamin supplements have been known to assist with food intolerance issues. The allergic reaction to a food type can often be better controlled if the body has an adequate supply of vitamins present. Vitamins are important in the digestion and absorption of our food process. If the body is low on one or more natural vitamins it will certainly benefit from vitamin supplements to ensure top functionality. Such vitamins are needed as digestive enzymes to fully break down and absorb optimum nutrients from our food.

Food intolerance is an issue for many people who are often unable to enjoy the foods that they like without unwanted side effects. Many tests for intolerance will also include a vitamin deficiency test alongside. This is because a lack of natural vitamins in the body often correlates with intolerance to food. By taking vitamin supplements to combat this it is believed that the body will be better equipped to cope with all foods. The website has a wonderful selection of suitable supplements for managing food related allergies.

If you experience the symptoms of possible food allergies then it is useful to know the possible connection with vitamin levels. Natural vitamins are derived from food but sometimes if we do not have a healthy balanced diet our levels may diminish. This is also true if we have been ill or are under a lot of stress. Our optimum requirement vitamin levels will fluctuate throughout our lives. Vitamin supplements are an ideal way to quickly replace any deficiencies that may occur from time to time. Symptoms of food intolerance indicate and pinpoint which particular natural vitamins are in low supply. So there are specially developed vitamin supplements to accommodate this.

It is thought that if you are deficient in certain vitamins then this will increase your vulnerability to food allergies. So even if you do not have a food intolerance problem, keeping your vitamin levels in line should prevent you developing one. A good website to look at for vitamin needs is They stock a wide range of food allergy products, systematic enzyme products, and targeted nutritional and effervescent products. The resource center at the site will also provide you with heaps of free e books, articles and videos. There is also the opportunity to read testimonials and a link library. For vitamin supplements, solutions and information about the latest research in food intolerance there is no better place to start than this website.

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