The Curse of Control

Do you really have control of anything? Maybe you can control your bladder and other bodily functions but even that control is only for a season. The desire for control of all things around you brings a curse and that curse can create extreme misery in yourself and all others around you. Are you ready to replace your control with dependency or trust in God?

Imagine for a moment what the world would be like if you were God. Most people can’t manage their own check book, credit card or home loan, let alone the world. Yet, many try to arrange the world, their little world, into workable segments to suit themselves. I am afraid if I were God we would all be in deep trouble. I know I can’t manage my own life let alone the life’s of all people, yet I do try. In addition, when I try to control others it brings with it the curse of control.

The curse of control is misery, anger and self-pity. When someone doesn’t do exactly what I want I use various forms of manipulation in order to get them to comply with my will. It might work for a moment but usually it doesn’t work for any period of time. After attempting to control my little world with no success, the misery begins. I become depressed, angry and sad. Not until I give up control does peace come. I have found that God, trust in God works far better than my efforts to control all situations.

The truth is God is in control whether we believe it or not. He is large and in charge of this show on earth. We have a choice to trust him with our life or not. I have found that trusting God works. If it didn’t work I think I would have to find a different solution because I just hate being miserable. Believe me there really is a curse to control.