The Daily Rush – Morning Revelations

The most amazing thing just happened to me. I sat down to write and went from describing the play of my senses to having one of those ‘moments of Enlightenment’. I was moved to tears by the perfection of my day. Whenever I encounter those moments of perfection in life, the tears start to flow uncontrollably as my heart sings with joy at the absolute beauty and perfection at hand. This was one of those mornings…and then Internet Explorer ‘encountered a problem and needs to close’. What?? That brought me back to the mundane world fast. Thankfully,  the recover draft option worked. The even more amazing thing (other than that the draft got saved) is that the browser closed as soon as I finished sharing and got it all on the page. So here it is:

Does it seem like life has sped up considerably–and there’s no time for the usual enjoyments? Even for those who have no job or place they have to be on someone else’s schedule, time seems to be lacking. Oh, the clocks still work, the calendar still functions,and television shows go on as scheduled. This is a more subtle thing that I’m observing. Everyone I come in contact with seems to be rushed and tired.

Upon arising this morning, dream attempting to flee my conscious mind, the atmosphere seemed different somehow. The usual morning routine was performed: let the cats into the main part of the house and make sure they have food and water, open the front door to let the breezes in to ‘blow out the stink’, make the coffee and sit down at the computer. But something was different; something just out of my reach of consciousness. As I sat with my coffee, it occurred to me that it was time to slow down and Smell The Coffee…so I did. That pause, that sudden stillness in the middle of my usual morning busyness, gave me an unexpected gift.

A sudden lightness of Being hit me as I sipped my fresh-ground coffee and rolled the liquid around in my mouth. The complex weave of flavors of cacao bean and coffee, cream and sugar, exploded in layers. The odors wafting past and through my senses were so much more than coffee and cacao; they were also yesterday’s breakfast of eggs and toast. Beyond that, the smell of pine trees, earth, and other things joined the chorus. Then car exhaust chimed in and vanished. The ears decided they needed to be noticed also, and sharpened my consciousness to the gorgeous dulcet tones of the big wind chime outside the front door. Oh my, now my heart joins in this revelatory experience of sensations.

The morning stress of preparing for another long day-into-night on the computer melted like an icecube on a hot sidewalk in Phoenix. Ah…the phoenix bird comes to my consciousness now. The mythical creature that bursts into spontaneous combustion and rises anew from the ashes, the phoenix has long been a symbol of rebirth. What a magical train of thought these senses are leading me on today, and with it comes a deep relaxation. The body needs a vacation from all the stresses of a normal day; we tend to forget that. Health is more than just never getting sick; it is the adaptability of the body to the environment. If everyone took the time to let the senses bring enjoyment of simple things in life, the stress levels would automatically go down.

The breeze, more insistent since I have now noticed it, plays me a beautiful tune on the wind chimes. The cats, sensing my enjoyment of our world, have become uncharacteristically silent, and have gone into zen mode. The eyes, not to be left out, have gotten my attention by vibrating. My world is no longer static; it has been switched to other dimensional views by my psychic senses, no doubt weary of only being used for warnings. The first clue to this change is the air, which has come alive with transparent, iridescent wiggles of light (orgone energy). The trees across the street dance with delight now that I actually see them–see their true forms, and the eyes within them.

My ears now pick up the hum of the world moving beneath me. Although I am part of this world, I am also separate, like the proverbial drop of water in the ocean that flies to the sky and comes down again as a raindrop. As my senses run like children eager to play, I stand half in and half out of this world of sensory delights. My eyes start to tear up with the joy of my Being. OMG… hmmm, yes, exactly. The Love of my highest Self fills me to overflowing and the tears scurry down my cheeks and race to my heart. My heart answers this call of the Love, drinking it in as the Elixir of Life. My body vibrates with the higher frequency of Joy, and Love, healing as it does so. Bliss…heavenly bliss. The energy of this healing balm races through my cells and they rejoice and send love back. The entire body soaks up this love, this bliss, this unexpected and most welcome connection with the All-That-Is.

Gratitude overwhelms me as I bask in this most glorious turn of events in my otherwise mundane existence here. The realization that I can have this feeling of bliss whenever I take the time to enjoy my world hits me. No amount of money, fame, or kudos from other people is worth giving this up. My heart demands that I remember this, my mind agrees to, and my highest Self smiles, the beam of love further elevating me. Every cell in my Being is vibrating now, in Joy. I am truly alive now. Can this feeling, this connection, be passed on to everyone who reads this? It is my fervent hope…my prayer…that it can. Do your eyes drink in this package of Love and dance with me in the Reality? Please do; let your heart dance along with mine, sharing the joy of Being. Please…take my hand, join my heart, and hear this: I love you, and the entire Creation loves you. There is nothing you can do to change that, because the only thing that is Real is that Love.