The Dangers of Low Quality Bottled Water and How It Could Affect Your Health and Well-Being

The real and present danger of low quality bottled water is a threat many scientists are taking seriously. There have been many outbreaks and recalls of bottles and there are also the risks of BPA leaching from the plastic bottles. Read the truth here and how to easily avoid the dangers.

The danger of low quality bottled water has been known for some time but it was recently discovered that many brands contain an alarmingly high amount of harmful bacteria. These can lead to serious stomach and digestive problems, especially in young children and the elderly.

High levels of contaminants are found in most brands and when Coca-Cola said that their brand was more pure than tap water some years back, the British government got involved and tested it.

Their bottled water is called Dasani but was found to contain unacceptable levels of a carcinogen called bromate, which is dangerous to humans in high levels. It was also revealed that it was bottled from treated tap water and soon the company decided to recall half a million bottles and abandon its European plans.

In the US, bottled water has very few regulations, especially if it is not transported over state lines. This has led to the danger of low quality bottled water being available to most of the population as 70% of it is unregulated.

Tap water has far more regulation and it still contains thousands of harmful contaminants, but is the lesser of two evils.

BPA or Bisphenol-A is another obvious danger and one which the bottled water companies don’t seem to mind. If this chemical leaches into the water from the bottle, it can cause many health problems including cancer if taken regularly.

You should always look for BPA free bottles but sadly not many are available.

So what is the best solution?

If you want to avoid the danger of low quality bottled water, simply invest in a home filtration system and bottle your own!

This is a simple and very effective way and can cost only around 10 cents a gallon with the best systems instead of the $ 2-$ 4 a gallon that the shop variety will set you back.

You need home filtration as tap water is also full of harmful chemicals like chlorine and lead and the most effective systems are activated carbon block filters using a twin cartridge system to remove 99% of the main contaminants.

Using these tips, you can save hundreds of dollars a year, improve your health and not add to the sixty million plastic bottles used each day in the US.

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