The Delicious Cupcakes And How They Are Baked

Cupcakes are small cakes, also known as patty cakes, made to serve one person and available at almost all bakeries. A standard size cupcake is 3 inches in diameter and holds about 4 ounces of food volume for eating.

Cupcakes are popular amongst the masses because they are cheap; it is like having a couple of bites of a big delicious cake with the same taste but at a lower cost! Nevertheless, a few bites only.

Cupcakes are normally baked in containers called muffin tins but they were baked in individual pottery cups before muffin tins became available. For the same reason probably, the word cupcake is attributed to cakes normally with the size of a tea cup. Specialized pans are also used to bake cupcakes which are similar in form to muffin tins. These special utensils are made from non-stick metal and have either six or twelve depressions like cups to adjust cupcake material to be baked. However, the pans may differ in sizes and shapes.

Butter, sugar, eggs and flour are standard ingredients for baking a cupcake. However, there are a number of different recipes of baking them. And with the aid of creativity it is possible to see hundreds of marvelous designs and tastes around.

One of the recipes is called cake in a mug and interestingly, uses a mug as a cooking vessel. This recipe has gained its popularity from internet forums as well as websites. More so, this cooking in a mug can also be done in a microwave oven and takes less than five minutes to complete.

In addition, there is a recipe that creates what is known as a butterfly cake, also known as a fairy cake because of its fairy-like wings. The top of the cake is spooned out and filled with butter cream and the spooned out portion is cut in half and attached to the cream at the top, which looks just like wings of a fairy. BOLA TANGKAS