The Design Of Canadian Flag Was Originated From A Hockey Jersey, Can You Believe It?

It is universally known that the current Canadian flag is the one with the red Maple Leaf smack dab in the middle. However, few people know what the origination of the national flag. If I told you that the current Canadian flag design was conceptualized not out of thin air but based on one of the countrys hockey teams, would you believe me? Although the hockey is the national sport, but how can a hockey jersey becomes the original design of the Canadian flag. Lets search the clues to identify the truth about it. At last, you will find the design of Canadian flag is really based on a Hockey jersey.

The first thing to do is dating back to the beginning of the National Hockey League. In the early days of the National Hockey League there were just six teams competing. There were two teams based out of Canada that at one time or another used the Maple Leaf as their main logo and those two teams were the Montreal Canadiens and the Toronto Maple Leafs. These two teams used the Maple Leaf to embellish their bills authentic jerseys. The design is very unique and beautiful.

With so many leafs in the word, but today the Toronto Maple Leafs have taken full control over the maple leaf design but the Canadiens initial wholesale nhl jerseys had a red leaf in the front of them. The leaf has changed in its depiction over time and the three leaves (Canadian flag leaf, Toronto Maple leaf, and the Montreal Canadien leaf) are all different iterations on the same basic concept.

It is in 1965 when the Canada was given the right to design their own national flag instead of using the old Union flag. It is the first time they can officially use their own flag. The Prime Minister treated the flag design as a great significance, so he at that time decided to hold a committee to design a new flag for the country and that committee ultimately decided on the red and white maple leaf image. The committee was most likely influenced by both hockey teams when determining what icon to use for their countrys flag.

The design of the Canadian flag fully present how much Canadians care about their national sport. In Canada, the people attach great importance on sports, especially hockey. No matter kids or adults, women or men, they all enjoy themselves in the game.