The Development Of The Domestic Elevator Market Is Far From Being Saturated Even Hard Skills

As China’s opening up the first trade, foreign investment in China elevator industry by a variety of “eating” measures the impact of the original eight state-owned elevator brand annihilated, foreign brands have a monopoly market share as high as 95%. In recent years, the founding of a number of national elevator companies, never to fight back, win a quarter of the world have one of the market situation.
Market space is far from being saturated
China is now the world’s largest elevator market, this situation will be a long period of time continues, so the industry are generally confident about the future development of the industry.
According to the China Elevator Association laugh any day, last year by the global financial crisis, China’s exports fell by 23.4% lift, but domestic demand is still up 12.9%, lift output also rose 6.5% over the previous year, reaching 26.1 million, more than half of world production. Within the next five years, the vertical elevator and escalator market in China domestic market and export markets will account for the global market of 1 / 2 and 1 / 3, the annual output value of 100 billion yuan, the market prospect indeed.
For the domestic market, our continued rapid growth of economic development, urbanization is accelerating, with residential-based civil as well as airport, subway, offices and other public infrastructure projects increased significantly for the elevator industry provides great opportunities.
In the new market, expanding the same time, special equipment is also mandatory retirement system reform of China’s elevator market has brought new opportunities. According to report, by the foreign life lift the usual practice of the Japanese series elevator design lifetime of 15 years, Europe and the United States lift design life of 25 years, China’s holdings of elevator has exceeded 100 million units, experts predict the next year and has been building major repair and reconstruction installation of lifts market capacity will remain for more than 12 million units. China is the world’s largest country elevator, lift this huge market has attracted a lot of transformation manufacturer’s attention.
The rapid development of domestic enterprises
Laugh any day that the foreign brands to enter the time in the early, with its own technology, brand and in our country enjoyed tax breaks and other super-national treatment, quickly monopolized the domestic market, a joint venture to some extent inhibited the beginning of our nation brand development. But foreign brands to enter the elevator industry in China has also played a certain role in promoting. For example, in machine manufacturing enterprises, foreign-brand technology and management concepts to speed the development of national brands; elevator accessories business, foreign brands from the matching process, improve the matching level.
As the machine and the supporting technology go hand in hand, making the full development of own brand lift.
Kang, chairman Wang Youlin elevator force, said increasing the degree of government support for the nation to grow its own brand lift created a good development. In 2008, the state announced the “first government purchase of independent innovation products and order management measures,” clarify the government’s priority to buy domestic products of independent innovation; in 2009, the state introduced a plan to revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry, stressed the need to “rely on the regional advantages, play Industry Agglomeration and form a number of distinctive and well-known brands of equipment manufacturers concentrated. ” The introduction of these policies have promoted the national elevator industry.
Special high-end elevator still rely on imports
Although national elevator industry in technology, markets have made considerable progress, but in some special high-lift, such as above the 17th floor elevators, escalators and other high-end tourism, is largely relying on imports from abroad, again with our National Elevator Company in the core technology and the world’s major producers century gap between the elevator.
Current market share, foreign brands accounted for 75% of the domestic elevator market share of about 25% of national self-brand market share. But our national and foreign brands own brands and brands in the capital, there is still gap between the development of independent brands still long way to go.
So, once again stressed that any day of laughter, with the national technical level to enhance their own brands, customer awareness of the increased lift products, and domestic buyers to increase the brand’s rational consumption elevator, elevator products, such as white goods, etc., the market will gradually tend to cheap own brand, the next decade will be able to take half of the domestic market. By then, China’s pace of revitalizing the national elevator industry is regarded as a new level.
The industry believes that China has become the world’s elevator crack the main battlefield of competition, China’s elevator industry is again facing the industry, “shuffling” the nation should use its own brand of national policies to support the capital market support, plus many, competing against the world, to speed up win more market. BOLA TANGKAS
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