The Diabetic Eat-out

Having diabetes means cutting down on a lot of types of food. This makes it difficult for a diabetic person to go to restaurants and indulge in food that they can eat. As restaurant food is usually prepared in certain ways, deciding which food is suitable can be a headache. But do not despair. Here are some tips to eat out as a diabetic.


Nowadays, many restaurants include information of the nutritional value of the food they serve. Reading them allows you to decide on which food are suitable for your diabetes diet. If there is no information provided, you can always check online for the same type of food and their nutritional values. Once you get a hang of this, you would be able to estimate the values without reading the values.


Nutritional information alone is not enough. You should also consider the portions. Most of the time, restaurants serve large portions of food. A diabetes diet should take moderate servings instead. But this does not mean that you cannot enjoy a meal that comes in large portions. You can always share your meal with a companion, or take away the remaining portion that makes it a large portion.


Occasionally, you can substitute certain parts of a meal with something else. If this is possible, go for healthier choices. For example, instead of having French fries as a side dish, you could request for baked potato or salad. Especially with dressings, they make easy substitutions. You could have fat-free salad dressing instead of the regular one, or have a squeeze of lemon instead. There are so many ways to go about a healthier meal.


Some restaurants also have the flexibility in food preparations. Ask the chef on how the food would be prepared. You could change the cooking style, such as broiled, roasted, or grilled, instead of fried. Even the ingredients can be substituted with other healthier ingredients, such as skinless chicken, and whole-grain bread.


Last but not least, do not neglect your beverage, or even desserts, in your consideration. High-calorie drinks like soda and shakes can ruin your diet if you do not plan it well. Once again, choose the healthier drink options like unsweetened or light drinks. Have guilt-free meals.