The difference between the SD-HD and full HD

The HD HDD player is the player which can play the 720P (1280*720 resolution) and 1080P (1920*1080 resolution) video files. First, let’s give an introduction of the HDD media players. It’s the tool which can display the movie, music and picture saved in the computer hard drive, portable hard drive, SD card and U disk on the TV, monitor, GPS and projector. It can fully take the place of the latest electronics like VCD and DVD. So the HD HDD player is the high level product of the HDD player. It can play in a better way. And now there are also many portable DVD players on the market.

How to discriminate the SD-HD from full HD? The SD is the video format whose native resolution is under 720p. 720p means the vertical definition of video is 720 scanning lines. Specifically speaking, it’s SD video format whose resolution is about 400 scanning lines. It will be called the high definition when the native resolution is above 720P.

There are two international HD standards. The one is the video vertical definition is above 720p or 1080i. The other is the ratio of the width and longitude is 16:9. About the division of HD and SD, the visual effect makes the first decision. Due to the difference of the image quality and bandwidth occupied by channel transmission, the digital TV signal is divided as the HDTV, SDTV and LDTV.

About the visual effect, HDTV has the highest specification. Its image quality can reach or be close to the standard of the 35mm wide screen picture. It requires the video content and display device to come with the horizontal resolution of 1000 lines. The resolution can be as high as 1920*1080. In view of the image quality, the resolution of HD is basically equal to the four times of the traditional analog TV. And it’s far beyond the traditional TV on the definition and reducibility. The 16:9 wide screen display will bring nice visual experience.

In view of the audio effect, the HD TV program will support Dolby 5.1 surround sound and the HD movie program will support Dolby 5.1 True HD. You will have the rocking audio experience.

In fact, you can’t simply compare the HD with SD. They are two different kinds of video formats. They can install the video signals of different quality. Thus, the real quality has a close relationship with the loaded video signal quality. It’s just like to carry water with a jar or a cup. The jar can be full of water or just carry a cup of water. We can’t there’s more water in the jar when it only carry the amount of a cup.

The full HD is that the native resolution is as high as 1920*1080 (1080i and 1080p are included). The i (interlace) refers to the interlaced scanning and P (Progressive) refers to the progressive scanning. They are quite different on the finesse of the image. The image quality of 1080P is beyond the 1080i. Accordingly, the 720 is called the SD HD. Obviously, 1080 is much better on the resolution.