The DIY Patio Grill and Fireplace Double

When you walk onto your patio, is there anything missing? Do you wish something was there but you just don’t know what? All you need are some good ideas and you can have a late Spring project that will make your summer hopping this year.

I think that an outside fireplace is the perfect idea and it doesn’t take much to put together. But before you get started and run out to buy all the materials you need, I think you should strongly consider creating a fireplace that doubles as a grill. Now, that’s an idea that can really add some class to your backyard or patio.

Over the summer, you’ll have twice as many barbecues because every weekend will be the perfect time for you to throw some steaks on the grill and invite some friends over to your house. You’ll never get tired of it. But then when fall rolls around, you’ll be able to enjoy some warm evenings in your backyard because you’ll have a fireplace that will light up any evening when you want to relax outside with a cup of coffee and some friends.

So, let’s get started.

The materials you will need vary in your style and budget. But, what I suggest will be easy on both. You can learn how to build a brick structure if you want. It’s not hard to stack bricks and make sure you cement them correctly. Then, wipe away excess cement so that it’s not a sloppy build.

But, I think that you can build your structure with 2X4s and plywood. Of course, most people will shy from this solution because of the fire risk. But if you do it right, you can bring the risk to a minimum like they did in the old days when they built wood structured fireplaces in the home. 

The base will be a 4 foot wide by 4 foot long structure that rises about 2 feet from the ground. It should be made completely with brick. Then, you can build upon that the rest of the Fireplace / Grill structure. After the2X4 and plywood structure has been built, we protect it with rock or brick veneer. This is a small layer of the brick or rock that makes up your design. But, you don’t have to learn how to master the art of creating brick and rock structures.

To address the safety issue, the fire should never be left unattended. This wouldn’t happen if you are cooking steaks on the grill anyway. But if you are enjoying the fireplace and you want another drink from inside your home, there should be company outside to keep an eye on the fire. Furthermore if you are enjoying your fireplace alone, check the fireplace before going inside to make sure you don’t see anything unsafe. Then, make your visit inside as short as possible. If you are going in for the evening, make sure your fire is out completely and you should never encounter any problems. Fires in traditional fireplaces are risky and yet, we live with the risk every day. So, just be safe and you should be able to enjoy your fireplace for a long time to come.

Make your overall height of the project about 6 feet and the width about 4 feet. The back part of the structure should be about 1 foot in depth. Then, you will build 2 foot high walls on both sides of the fireplace so that your structure has a place to hold the grill and surround the fire that you will build inside the structure. The face will be open for easy access so that you can effortlessly change your grill into a fireplace and vice versa.

You’ll want to build a shelving solution for a griddle. This will hold your charcoal about 6 inches to 1 foot below the grill. You’ll also need to get the grill accessory that holds your steaks or hamburgers above the charcoal flame. These can be found, sometimes somewhat remotely. But, I have a friend who tore about an old grill and simply used those accessories. It seems everywhere I look I find old grills that can serve this purpose for your project.

To keep the project completely safe, you should use a fireplace insert and gel fuel from Ventless Gel Fireplace. This is an environmentally friendly gel fuel that burns into water vapor and can be put out by simply placing the lid on the can. Granny Gel Fuel will produce a very large flame and will burn for hours while you enjoy your evening. You won’t have to find firewood and you won’t have an unpredictable flame that can possibly pose a fire risk.

You can get plenty of other unique fireplace ideas by visiting Ventless Gel Fireplace and downloading our reports. You can take these reports and use your own imagination to create just about anything you want. It’s up to you how far you can go.