The Elegant and Durable Chesterfield Sofa

The Chesterfield sofa has an elegant, tasteful, timeless style that makes an excellent addition to any home. In addition to being an extremely comfortable and functional piece of furniture these particular style sofas are extremely well-built. There are even claims that the Chesterfield is linked to royalty. No matter the origins of this well crafted sofa, it is an excellent piece of furniture that never goes out of style.

The Chesterfield sofa is often linked to royalty. This claimed is based on the widely held belief that the fourth Earl of Chesterfield commissioned a renowned cabinetmaker to produce an article of furniture that would allow gentlemen to set up right in the outpost of comfort. Thus beginning what is now known as the Chesterfield sofa. Some people claim that this link to royalty is merely a marketing ploy designed to increase sales of this particular styles of sofa. Whatever the case may be this sofa is historically known to grace the residences of kings and queens as well as being found in the offices of prominent businessmen and in medical suites.

The design of this timeless classic sofa lends itself to an extremely durable and long-lasting sofa. The back and the arms are at the same level so that they brace each other well. The seat is extremely low giving the sofa a low center of gravity. The frame of the sofa is wrapped tightly in its covering which has traditionally been leather. Using leather obviously adds to the durability of the sofa as does the tight covering. Having the covering wrapped tightly and button-down as it often is, leads to the fabric not moving nearly as much as it would in a loosely covered sofa. This adds endurance.

The arms of the well made sofa are traditionally rolled and often come with a nail studded embellished front face. This coupled with the button-down look the arms and back at the same height and the low seat and give the Chesterfield sofa a unique and instantly recognized profile. You will find that the Chesterfield sofas are extremely comfortable to sit in and function well in any seating environment. So when you’re shopping for your next new sofa and you want a good blend between comfort and functionality durability and classic good looks, the Chesterfield sofa deserves serious consideration.