The Eternal Portal Tributes Steve Irwin (the Crocodile Hunter)

Steve Irwin, better known as The Crocodile Hunter to the world, was tragically killed in waters near Batt Reef, Queensland Australia whilst filming an underwater documentary. Aged only 44 and in the peak of this career, the sudden death has left a nation in mourning. His compassion and active involvement in conservation saw him raise to fame in America with his unique Australian language and personality. He leaves behind American-born wife Terri and two beautiful children Bindi and Robert who now live in Australia. His memory will be carried on by “Australia Zoo” in Queensland, owned and operated by this family.

Steve always referred to himself as a Wildlife Warrior and later formed the conservation group “Wildlife Warriors Worldwide”. Using his own funds from films and sponsorship deals, the organization purchased various wildlife rich areas across the world (America, Fiji, Australia). Given the vast amount of habitat destroyed each year, Steve’s only goal was to ensure animals always had a home.

It seems too tragic for belief. The Crocodile Hunter is a story of a humble man with a passion for life and the environment, who became perhaps the most well known Australian in the world. May he be remembered for not only his high energy personality, but also his amazing ecological achievements.

The Eternal Portal has created an online memorial website to continue the legacy of Steve Irwin which has seen volumes of sympathy messages from across the world.

They welcome everybody to leave their thoughts of Steve at the Online Memorial Tribute to Steve Irwin.

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