The EU is a German Ruse

Bill Cash, MP, questions “The German Question” [The European Journal, April 2007] “of what and where is Europe?” when “Germany has not even established her own national identity, which remains strikingly unstable even after reunification… let alone found a directing principle which can hold the ramshackle European Union together…”.

Mr. Cash proceeds to warn: “Without radical change, the evolution of the EU would lead to a German Europe.” He then proposes, challenging German ambitions: “The institutions and treaties reasoned under the terms of the Franco-German partnership need to be unravelled and renegotiated to support a simpler and freer association of nation states with national referendums on all existing treaties. A democratic answer to the German Question at last.”

The Germans have created and tolerated the charade of the EU. They have never intended to share power with untermenschen nations but have planned to methodically impose Germany’s will, however slowly but surely, upon the continent by stealth.

Even as the irascible Nazi-Muslims, the “Palestinians” – German agents of genocide against the Jews by proxy – patiently pursue their phased destruction of Israel (with collaboration from its purchased oligarchy), Germany will dispense of democracy as soon as it has served its purpose, outlived its exploitation, even as Adolf Hitler did once he consolidated power to himself. The world is in for a rude awakening: The EU is a German ruse.

What will enable Germany to reveal their true colors? To exercise complete dominance over Europe? To gain the consent of the continent to be placed under total German control? An unprecedented crisis of sorts. Will Iran offer Germany this opportunity?

Will Germany find itself fulfilled in its mission from God to save Europe by restoring the “Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation”? Will the Vatican offer Germany this meaning and purpose and direction it presently lacks – at least publicly? Will the pope strongly promote Germany to rescue the world from Islam, by any means necessary, and get the masses eating out of his hand? Will The Atlantic Times address the German threat or leave it to others to lead?

The German question demands a German answer, and such an answer is destined to take the world by surprise. The United States as world leader is history. Providence has so decreed Germany rules. Will Germany get it right this time? Or will the German-Jesuits require humbling by Asian instruments? And will all mankind demand divine deliverance?