The Event Robot Review ? Currency Trading with Forex Robot

Do you want to learn more about currency trading with The Event Forex Robot? Many Forex traders are already getting excited about the launch of this new software after seeing the trading account statements that it has produced. This new robot uses proprietary algorithms which have never before been seen in other Expert Advisors.

Choosing the Optimal Risk Levels of The Event Robot

Users are also required to choose different risk levels based on their own preferences. They are broken down into four different risk levels, 2%, 5%, 7% and 10% risks. This EA truly comes with many new and unique features besides this adjustable risk setting. Its ERT technology allows it to filter out false signals which other trading robots have shown that they will blindly trade with.

How Do You Know Which Risk Setting To Choose With The Event Robot?

The benefit of using higher risks is that you can generate a potentially higher return over the long term. However, draw-downs (which are the short term losses) can also accumulate more quickly with higher risk trading levels. You can also find out more about the Error Reduction Technology (ERT) which the robot has been programmed with that separates it from all the other Expert Advisors on the Internet.

How Has The Event Robot Software Performed in the Past?

On average, this software has delivered an average of about 87% winning trading rate in the past and has the potential to create up to 20+ winning trades in a row pretty consistently. Investors who are able to invest their money for the long term and are able to keep their capital invested despite the potential for higher drawdown would typically choose the 10% risk settings for the highest potential returns.

Of course, one needs to be sure he or she will not need to liquidate the account in the short term to choose the higher risk settings. Otherwise, it is also perfectly reasonable to choose the lower risk settings to gradually increase your capital without large drawdowns.