The Fabulous Lion Head Wall Fountain

Lions are truly fascinating. In fact here are some facts you might want to know about the lion. A pride is what you call a group of lions that travel together. There is one male that heads a pride. He is very lucky because all the females in the pride are his mates. In the event another male lion wants to dominate his pride they both have to fight a duel to the death. Once the other lion succeeds, he eliminates every offspring of the former leader and the females become his concubines.

The feminine gender term for a lion is lioness.  The male rests while the females do the hunting. The lioness doesn’t have manes and are built smaller than males. Lions are asleep for a great part of the day but hunt the rest of the night. Famous for being meat eaters (aka carnivores), Lions possess a very loud growl that can be heard for miles away. It is no wonder why Lions have the title as the King of Beasts!

In various arts in all its forms, the most loved theme is the Lion. The Lion is immortalized in sculptures, paintings, sketches, regardless of its gender. Its dominant stance and asymmetrical body is very much revered.  The Lion’s wild mane is his most distinct feature. It is the frequent insignia of strength and power because of its very regal appeal.

During the ancient times, the head of a lion is frequently featured on the designs in the Greek-Roman architecture. You will find that these heads are used to embellish the bases of water fountains or on top of the palace columns. Up to this day, if you set your sights upon a lion head wall fountain it will take you back to the times when the ancient people led a very lavish life within palaces.

Traditional Fountains take their inspiration from the Greco-Roman period to create the lavish design of the lion head wall fountain. The fountain, molded out of lightweight polyresin is stone-finished to make the sculpture of the lion’s head on its base look genuinely from the old world era. On the lion’s face is a fierce expression with a half open mouth from where pure water pours. The sound it makes creates an air of calm and tranquility.

This fountain is very handy to set up on any flat upright surface. To imbibe the look and feel of an ancient sanctuary mount this fabulous fountain on the garden wall!