The False Prophets and Teachers of Adelaide

I thought I would write a quick article on the corruption and fraud that is occurring in these so called Churches in Adelaide, if I dare call them a Church lest I blaspheme Gods name. These congregations in Adelaide that call themselves churches are a joke and are really a large corporation making thousands of people under the guise of Christianity.

Not only do these people such as Ashley Evans and Danny Guggliemucci  prey on the unsuspecting church goer and rob them of their hard earned money they then go and spend it on themselves buying new expensive cars and large estates. I recently went to a congregation called Coastlands on South road and they said the building belonged to them and not God, I got this on a secret video recorder it was absolutely disgusting the way they mocked God as they collected money that night and spent it on themselves to build their empire based on fraud and theft.

The Apostle Paul said that he was naked, destitute and without accommodation and with the same breathe Paul mocks these Apostles that are honourable, rich and pretend to be wise. The true Apostle is one that labours in evangelism; they are a spectacle to the world, despised and are fools for Christ, this passage is found in 1st Corinthians 4:8-12.

The Apostle James also had something to say on this topic and it can be found in James 5:1-5 and he talks about the rich ones who had everything in this life and he warns them that their troubles are soon to come and that they have nourished themselves for the slaughter because they up treasure in the last day. Often I am challenged on the grounds that in the Hebrew Scriptures they were wealthy and had riches but the simple difference is that we are now in the last days and James is telling us not to heap up treasure in the last days.

Just to finish it all off there is another very clear passage about wealth and the Christian, it is in 2 Corinthians 8:15 and it says that he who gathered up much had none left over, now this is a direct quote from the Hebrew Scriptures from when Go was supplying the food in the wilderness. This Hebrew passage will shed further light on what the Apostle Paul was intending when he quoted straight from the Hebrew passage, in the Hebrew scripture from where Paul quotes from it was where those that gathered up more food than they needed, that food would rot. Now if interpret scripture with scripture as we are required to do this is a very clear doctrine that is easy to understand.

The so called Christian congregations are nothing but a money making racket even the world can see it, the biggest objection I get from non-believers about Christianity is this very topic, it’s like these money hungry thieves behind the Adelaide pulpits are blaspheming God with their robbery and fraud and causing inrepribable harm to those that are really Christians and desire to live as the Word of God says and forsake these false teachers and prophets only in those pulpits to make money and get honour.