The Families Of The Young Woman Died On The Operating Table To Eat Fast Food That Doctors Surgery

Young woman died on the operating table

Family insisted that incompetent doctors surgery hospital said the woman died of complications

2 pm yesterday, nearly personal “take” of a hospital located in Zhongshan, four of the door, asked the hospital must give them a statement. May 13, 30-year-old Ms Wu Hysteroscopy in the hospital, but no longer follow the following tables. The hospital said Ms Wu was due to pulmonary embolism during surgery because of died. The family of the deceased that Ms Wu death was due to doctors not to focus too much surgery.

5 13 At 9 a.m. to verify the deceased’s family by the hospital, 30-year-old Ms Wu for uterine infertility, hysteroscopic surgery needs to be done, and the hospital is the hospital doing the surgery. However, this extra long hysteroscopy done. “Other hospitals generally 12 hours to finish up, and they have spent nearly four hours.” Claiming to be deceased cousin of Ms. Tan told reporters.

Challenge facing the family, the hospital’s interpretation of the direction of the general hysteroscopic surgery is really only one or two hours, but Ms Wu complications occurred during surgery, doctors have been in the operating room for emergency treatment, and thus spent more than three hours.

Subsequently, the hospital that very difficult to rescue the patient, had rushed to the Hospital more advanced equipment to conduct the rescue, however, Ms Wu was not rescued, and eventually died on the operating table.

Hospital, according to CLC, through the preliminary investigation found that Ms Wu complications during surgery is pulmonary embolism, “surgery is likely to appear in one ten thousandth, but unfortunately for Miss Hu ran into.”

Controversial point 1: surgery doctors drink, eat fast food? According to the families of the deceased Miss Hu

introduced in the course of Ms Aw surgery, operating room doctors have seen not only took into fast food, but also for a barrel of pure water. “Doctors can understand drinking, but so busy surgery when the patient again on what position?” The family that the doctors are incompetent, resulting in the death of Ms Aw.

Challenge facing families, the hospital said the surgery room there are other people in the surgery, doctors surgery done rest. Access to the operating room to see his family doctor, not to Ms Wu surgery may be the doctors, “attending physician during the rescue, where there is time to drink it.”

2: money or want the truth? Ms Wu said the families of the deceased

, they are not for money, but to return the dead one truth.

However, the reporter from the hospital and their families to understand the situation very different statement, the hospital made it clear that “apart from money, what are not.” The hospital explained that Ms Wu after the death of the deceased’s family would have made the hospital claims 70 million, but stick to legal means the hospital or medical evaluation.

Yesterday afternoon, when re-negotiating parties, the family’s request to become 45 million, “still does not accept any other means of identification of the cause of death, they are just money.”