The First 5 Of 10 Questions And Why You Should Ask Before Starting A Business

The First 5 of 10 Questions and Why You Should Ask Before Starting a Business
Hello, this is Linda Mautz again, presenting helpful tips that will help you as you go into business for yourself. In a previous video and article I gave you ten questions to answer about your problem-solving style. I also promised Id give you the reasons you should ask them, and then some hints about what to do once you answer the questions. I put together a little slide show that may help you to focus more on yourself and how it relates to business building. We will deal with the first five Q & As and then later come back and review the second five.
The first question was,”How do you handle the unexpected?” The reason you need to know the answer to this question is When you are the boss, your are the decision-maker, so you need to know your limits. Being honest with your self will help you to see when you need ask for more
help. A good tip for a case of the nerves is to take 10 deep breaths and then prioritize.
The second question was,”Are you organized?” The reason you need the answer to that is again so you can get extra help if you need it. Organization helps you to focus on what is at hand, reduces stress, and helps you to remain in control.
The third question was, “Does stress create a problem or more motivation for you?” You need to know this because everyone can be adversely affected in the long run by stress biologically, psychologically and socially. You must be aware of your symptoms in each area and take a break when you need one to maintain balance in your life.
The fourth question was, “Are you a large picture or small picture person?” With this information about yourself you will know what type of assistance will offset the weaknesses or strengths you may already have: if youre a small picture person you may need someone to do
your books or greet people. If you are better at details, then you could use someone can help you manage overall operations.
The fifth question was, “How much do you care about what others in your life think?” Too much concern may cause you to give up too easily, and too little concern about yourself may cause you to abandon your dream. Do care about why your are building and those you are doing it for, including your self.
Be aware of your strengths as well as your weaknesses. Ask for help from those who know more than you do in special areas. The next 5 questions will be addressed in a later presentation. In the meantime, dont give up on your dream! BOLA TANGKAS