The First Home Appliance Chain Store Best Buy Will Be Cold On The Founding Of America Suning – Best

Are indifferent, that this “paper tiger” will not pose a threat to their own.

Coveted the Chinese market by 3 years of global home appliance chain Best Buy boss, yesterday (December 26, 2006) has finally opened in Shanghai, China’s first store veil. The use of these three years, double the national growth of the United States, Suning, the world’s largest consumer electronics retailer’s arrival, yesterday (December 26, 2006) are indifferent, that this “paper tiger” will not bring your own to threaten. The Best Buy’s “spot cash” model, also did not evoke in the industry expected.

Late “Best Buy’s first China flagship store on December 28 from test business, which opened in time for next year in January.” Yesterday, the face of the country to visit dozens of media reporters, Best Buy Asia Pacific Lv Weimin, president looked very brief opening remarks.

Lv Weimin behind, is located in Xujiahui business district Zhaojia Bin Road, Shanghai Flying Eagle 1077 International Building. Best Buy’s first store in China in the building on 3? 6 layer, business area of about 8000 square meters. Following three years ago to enter the Chinese market to carry out procurement operations, acquired in May this year, China’s fifth-largest home appliance chain Jiangsu Five Star, the world’s largest consumer electronics retailer with annual sales of 300 billion dollars in Best Buy in the Chinese market once again made a solid step.

Location of China’s most prosperous business district

one of Shanghai Xujiahui business district, select the first season in 2007 before the market opened on New Year’s, are suggesting the Chinese market three years dormant Best Buy for the upcoming 2007 full of desire. Behind this desire, but also from Best Buy on its own mode of self-confidence level.

“One of our selling points is displayed by product type, not brand. For example, all the brand 42-inch flat panel TV hanging on the wall up with the same screen, making it easier for more consumers.” Lv Weimin said: “And we and the National United States, and other domestic home appliance chain Suning different manufacturers with Best Buy without promoters, more than 300 sales staff are all on their own recruitment, selling household electrical appliances are not any one commission. “

Best Buy, Wang Jianguo, vice president of Asia-Pacific region to another selling point is summarized as “spot cash”: Best Buy first and then pay suppliers supply. Best Buy will receive the goods arranged according to their own idea of OTC products, sales, suppliers will has nothing to do with. Wang Jianguo attempt to model the potential to break the rules of the Chinese home appliance retail.

Full copy of its mature North American mode, Lvwei Min of the Best Buy in China full of hope. He said the capacity of Chinese household appliance market in 2006 reached 85 billion U.S. dollars, and the next 10 years to continue to double-digit growth. “Best Buy will not participate in peer-price war, which will occupy its own way high-end consumer electronics market in China fair share.”

Encounter the cold on “Name for the global home appliance chain boss actually only North American boss. Because in the North American market, has not proved successful cases of Best Buy’s strong.” Suning Appliance Fan Zhijun, executive president of the North China Management Headquarters Best Buy yesterday lukewarm response : “Shanghai has nearly 150 domestic appliance store, Best Buy, a store but a sheep into the wolves.”

Fan Zhijun represent the views of the real Chinese home appliance industry, general view: strength depends on the scale of support. The new face of the country after the U.S. acquisition of Yongle’s 800 stores, more than 500 Suning stores, even with more than 200 Five Star stores, Best Buy is also evident in the Chinese home appliances market thin. No wonder a recent promise to Zhang Jindong, chairman of Suning Appliance Suning 3 years, Best Buy will not be worried, because Best Buy wants to Suning, Gome stores now the scale of at least 3 years.

Gome spokesman Ho Ching Yang yesterday also showed disapproval of the attitude: “Best Buy is not the overall operation of the States United States pressure, the country the next three years, the main task of the United States will continue to train well in internal organs, enhance the effectiveness of single-store operation, the pursuit of and manufacturers, consumers harmony. “Yang Qing He repeatedly stressed that” the country’s biggest U.S. rival is only yourself. “

In Ho Yang Qing view, the current domestic home appliance chain giant is still in high-speed expansion, which means that the Chinese market for home appliance chain stores to open gaps to less and less the cost of Best Buy shop will also be increased.

“To the Beijing market, for example, now costs over three years ago, shop, up 60%, and nearly 150 home appliance chain stores. Best Buy to open 10 stores even meaningless.” Fan Zhijun pointed out sharply .