The Following Year Using The Hot-water Bottle, Blanket, Etc. To Be Cautious – Electric Heating

, A cold storage for many people took out a small device for heating the year, resulting in the electric hot water bottle burst people have burnt other people’s smoke blanket. Reporter was informed from the experts, use the following year heating

Small appliances , Paying particular attention to safety, especially not to use the hidden troubles of the “three no” products.

Electric heating hot water bottle explosion

Last night (December 4, 2008) 9 am, the people who lived in Longhua Road, Ms Yang electric hot-water bottle out, ready to use after heating warm bed. “The electric hot-water bottle was bought last year, last year also with no problems.” Miss Yang said she cleaned out a little hot water bottle, then plug it in charge for the hot-water bottle.

Charge about 5 minutes later, Ms Yang heard the “bang” of a loud noise and found hot water bottle has been blown beyond recognition, the hot water falling on the ground is white smoke.

Coincidence, yesterday (December 4, 2008) of the cold wave to come up with Tang who lives in Fairmont Road, warm blanket. 11 pm, Mr. Tang will blanket laying in bed, ready to take a bath Unexpectedly, taking clothes back to the bedroom, actually smelt pills only to discover. Tang anywhere to be found at home “flavor source” and returned to the bedroom, was surprised to find electric blankets have been smoke, That quickly power off, pull saw, electric blankets and mattresses there are some large black coke.

Improper use of underground storage hidden

Reporter from some sales of electric hot water bottle was informed traders, electric hot water bottle products in the protection against electric shock, electric strength, resistant to moisture, over-voltage protection and other aspects are required, if the process of careless storage devices some of them wear the damage is likely to result in a failure when using electric hot-water bottle.

In addition, some people use electric hot-water bottle, the injection of air after the row is not clean or too full of water plus a heat it is easy to cause the explosion. Electric blanket when in custody have special requirements, the best kept hanging, even if not folded under the pressure, otherwise easily lead to internal wiring and short circuit faults.

The distribution has stated that small winter

Home Appliances Within the past year has been placed in the chest, may damage certain components due to improper storage, so the following year to use these appliances, the best security of a simple first test to see whether the various parts of the normal, or should immediately replace .

To spread the “three noes” Multi-

Reporter found the market there are many “three noes” winter heating appliances, especially the outdoor stands, fairs and other places to sell such goods, people repeatedly check the best before making a decision.

Yesterday (December 4, 2008) at the reporter saw Gonghexinlu, many stalls were selling the electric hot-water bottle, many people are here to purchase. However, most of these hot-water bottle with cartoon characters, fabric is very thin, place of origin, manufacturer and other information on all did not. A reporter asked manufacturers of these products stand owners, the majority of “Guangdong”, “Jiangsu” and other vague alternative names.

When asked whether the over-voltage protection device hot water bottle, the other side actually asked: “What is the over-voltage protection device? Have plugs on the line can hold water is not it?” BOLA TANGKAS