The Forbidden City, Beijing Destination China

Shanghai is largest city and the major business center with many commercial opportunities. Nanjing and Suzhou are historical places. Guangzhou is a modern prosperous city and Guilin is a paradise location. There are more than nine cities in China that should be visited.

In the world, China is the most populous country, over 1.3 billion population. China is also the third largest country in terms of area, it has an area of 9.6 million square kilometers. Economists think that China will be the most world economy powerful within 20 years. Because of its large population, rapidly growing economy, extensive research and development investments, China is often considered as an emerging superpower. Finally, China has more than 5,000 years of alive history. For these reasons, traveling to China is like traveling to another world.



Tipping is not widely expected or required in Mainland China. However, at superior hotels and restaurants catering to western tourists, porters, room service and wait staff may have become used to receiving small tips. You can tip in cash, some small gifts brought from your country would also be appreciated, such as music CDs, books, perfumes, candies, etc.


Do not assume that your medical insurance coverage at home will take care of all your medical expenses abroad. It might only cover a percentage. It certainly will not cover “evacuation” on a private plane with medical staff.

If you pay for your travel through some credit cards, you automatically get travel insurance. Do check the terms. Ask about evacuation insurance if you are going off the well-beaten tourist track. AEA/SOS International has clinics and doctors in Beijing and other cities around China for this and other emergency medical help. Tel.(U.S. and Canada)800/523-8930.



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